In this article, I will explain information about volleyball namely the size of the field and the size of the net on volleyball.

Certainly, you are all familiar with big ball sports this one, volleyball. Or even, you often play it. Generally, volleyball is played in teams. Each team consists of 6 people. The basic technique in volleyball games is by using hands, where each team will try to drop the ball on the inner field of the opponent's area to produce points.

One of the infrastructure and facilities used in volleyball games is a field. Do you know what size the field is in a volleyball game? There are still many people who do not know the actual size of volleyball, although they often play it. Well, this article is intentionally made to increase your insight into the size of a volleyball court. Immediately, consider the following review.

Size of Volleyball Field

In Indonesia, volleyball games have been very popular and are popular with many people. So it's not surprising, there are various volleyball tournaments that have been carried out, starting from the village to the national stage. In fact, there is a national volleyball union known as [1945910] PBVSI [1945595] (Indonesian Volleyball Association).

As we know, every ball game requires a field arena to create a match, as well as a ball volleyball. The field used in volleyball games has the standards you need to know. The standard of measurement is obtained from the consideration of various parties to produce an agreement that has been confirmed.

Normally, the standard size of a volleyball court is based on international standard size, which is only 1/5 of the size of a soccer field. Of course, this standard is used by every country in building a volleyball field, although there are some groups that do not follow it.

In general, volleyball courts have a size of 18 × 9 meters, where they have become national and international standards. To help you understand the standard size of a volleyball court, consider the following picture of a volleyball court. Size of Volleyball Field ” width=”387″ height=”600″/>

As for a review of the size of a volleyball court which will be explained below.

  • Size the length of the volleyball court is 18 meters.
  • The width of the volleyball court is 9 meters.
  • Widely attacked is the 3 meter volleyball zone.
  • There is a volleyball field measuring 3 meters. [19659011] The area of ​​clearance (the area to dispel the ball) consists of two parts, namely the rear measuring 3-6.5 meters, while the side measuring 3-5 meters.
  • The physical space in the volleyball field is 5 months.
  • bоlа vоlі is 162 m² (18m x 9m).

The volleyball court used in world class matches has different characteristics than usual. The volleyball court is made of wood or synthetic materials. For the lines on the field you must use white. Whereas, in ordinary volleyball games, the color of the line on the field is free.

Volleyball Net Size

As explained above, the main characteristic of volleyball is to use the hand ( handball ). Later, the volleyball was played by being bounced between the two sides of the field. So, there is one component of the field that is no less important, namely the size of the net used in volleyball games. The net in volleyball serves as a barrier, where the boundary is placed in the middle by dividing the area between the two teams that are playing the match.

For the size of the net or net it should not be made carelessly, because there are already nationally agreed size standards . The net size of volleyball games played by men and women has differences so that both need to use predetermined rules. The net height for volleyball games for men is 2.43 meters. While the size of the volleyball net height played by the female team is 2.24 meters.

For more details, consider the picture and description below.

[1945925] Size of Volleyball Fields and High Net Volleyball Fields ” width=”547″ height=”511″/> [19659010] The size of the volleyball net has a difference between the volleyball net used by the men's team and the volleyball net used by the women's team. where the volleyball net height for the men's team is 2.43 meters, while the volleyball net height for the women's team is 2.24 meters.

  • For the volleyball net length it is equal to the width of the volleyball court, which is 9 meters.
  • The width of the volleyball net is 1 meter.
  • The antenna on the volleyball net is 80 centimeters (cm) high, which is just above the net.
  • Height on the volleyball net pole is 2.55 meters
  • volleyball net with an edge on the volleyball field which is around 0.5 – 1 meter.
  • Edge bands on volleyball net measuring 5 centimeters (cm) with a length of 1 meter.
  • As for the edge bands that are next to the net volleyball is 5 centimeters (cm) in length by 1 meter.
  • The size of a volleyball net mesh is 10 centimeters (cm) and it is recommended to use a square shape.
  • Thus a detailed article about field size and net size vo ball complete li accompanied by a picture . All you need to remember is that the surface of the volleyball court must be flat or horizontal. That way, there is little chance that the players will fall during a match or cause injury while performing an outdoor volleyball match.

    Hopefully this article will benefit you, both in terms of helping you do your assignments or just add insight about the size of the volleyball court and its image, the size of the volleyball net and the picture. Thank you for your visit.

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