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Features that you need to Deactivate on a New Android Phone

For those of you who just bought a new android phone. Are you sure you have configured the device correctly? We all want an ultra-fast Android phone to load applications quickly as well and of course save battery life. We will ask you to follow a few simple steps below to avoid the basic problems that occur with new phones.

Tips in articles do not have to be made as an absolute rule to follow. You can choose to disable these features or not, depending on your habits and settings. That is the advantage of an Android operating cellphone, which is the choice is yours. Let's look at tips for those of you who have a new Android phone.

1. Turn off the Auto Brightness feature on your Android phone.

Many manufacturers of Android phones offer automatic or 'adaptive' brightness systems. Android phones will detect the level of ambient light and adjust the appearance so that it is comfortable to see. This is a commendable idea, but in terms of realization for us it is rather disappointing, because the luminosity threshold can be higher than you need. Brightness means energy, and consumption will increase – your battery finally pays for it. In short, turn off automatic brightness and change it with your own settings. Then you will get a save on optimal battery usage.

2. Remove useless and impractical Default Applications

Your new Android phone might contain at least one application that you don't use or don't interest you. Applications that have been pre-installed by your operator, a manufacturer's application, or a sponsored application. This application not only takes up storage space, but can also run in the background. In many cases, they can be deleted (and you better delete them).

3. Animations and transitions

If your Android phone isn't too strong, you can try to make it run more smoothly. There is one small trick that can help you: disable transitions and animations. To be more specific, this is the effect you see when you switch from one screen or application to another: indeed the display can look more beautiful, but they are not needed. If you turn it off, the transition will be faster.

4. Vibration and sound

Vibration and sound are intended to mimic the response of physical buttons, but in practice they are usually quite annoying. Even worse, they will affect the autonomy of your device. This is why you should ask yourself if this feature is really useful for you. For example: try disabling it when typing.

5. Remove Default Facebook Application

The Facebook application is installed on many new phones, but this is a well-known data hogger (not only your personal data, but also your cellular data) and batteries. Uninstalling will speed up your Android phone, and improve the performance of your device.


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