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CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Aitech Defense Systems, Inc. in Chatsworth, Calif., has ported the open-source Linux operating system onto the company’s intelligent Ai-RIO remote I/O interface unit (RIU).

This modular small-form-factor (SFF) RIU internally networks as many as eight expansion modules — or slices — for extremely high density and low power in a compact physical space.

The Linux-based software development kit (SDK) for the Ai-RIO facilitates easy development of applications.

With the combination of the SDK and the SFF’s modular expansion design, the Ai-RIO enables users to create custom embedded systems that offer high performance, design flexibility and low-cost development. The embedded computing system is available in both ruggedized military or space-qualified versions.

The Linux BSP is delivered as a Virtual Machine (VM) with the complete source code and build environment. The VM has a pre-configured TFTP server to boot the kernel and an NFS server to be used for storage and file sharing during the development.

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All Ai-RIO units are tested and characterized directly by Aitech for radiation effects over 25 krads (Si) TID. The dual-core, high performance, low power NXP P1020 processor was selected, since it is immune to latch-up, with other components chosen to meet the heavy ion Linear Energy Transfer threshold (LETth) of at least 37 MeV-cm2/mg for latch-up.

The addition of the Linux SDK complements the existing VxWorks SDK, giving system designers additional development opportunities, based on application needs. The Linux-based RIU platform also enables designers to use the NASA Core Flight System (cFS) in new mission-critical systems.

Using Aitech’s RIO-NET client/server software, the unit also can serve as a standalone command and data handling (C&DH) platform or media converter, or as a networked remote command/response I/O data concentrator.

The modular subsystem features onboard temperature sensors as well as A/D voltage and current monitoring with built-in test (BIT) for high reliability and a base configuration weight of 3.75 pounds with a power dissipation of less than 12 Watts.

For more information contact Aitech online at https://rugged.com/ai-rio-remote-io-subsystem-for-space.

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