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Electric Cars, Future Transportation Options As Evidence of Technology Sophistication

 Future Electric Car Technology

Electric Cars, Future Transportation Options – As we have seen, transportation is an inseparable part of our lives. Transportation that is increasingly diverse both in terms of technology and sophistication is accompanied by a greater level of transportation needs each year. However, what if there are innovations that bring us into the future? This innovation was realized in electric car technology.

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Electric cars are also not new in Indonesia where Indonesians themselves race helped develop the use of electric power cars in Indonesia. But actually how about the ins and outs of electric cars? And what are the advantages of this electric car technology?

Overview of Electric Cars

Basically an electric car can be interpreted as a car that is driven or the main driving material comes from electrical energy. Electrical energy is placed in a battery model or other energy storage model and becomes the main driving motor of the car and no longer fuel oil. This electric car technology is quite interesting to discuss further.

According to some sources, this electric car technology became popular around the beginning of the 20th century. The energy crisis that occurs in the world makes people have to innovate to find a mode of transportation that can be driven by a renewable energy. And this is what underlies the birth of the invention of electric cars.

There are various models of electric cars that have been sold widely in the market, namely Tesla Roadster, Nissan Leaf, BYD e6, Renault Fluence, Zero Tazzari, and Smart ED. Not without buyers, the public interest in electric cars is also high, with evident high sales figures for new technology measures.

In Indonesia itself, as mentioned earlier, the development of electric car technology cannot be said to be very rapid but also cannot be said without development. It has been noted that there have been several concrete efforts made by the government to help encourage the public to want to use electric cars and introduce them to all Indonesian people.

The manifestation of this effort was in 2012 the Indonesian government even disbursed around Rp. finance electric car technology research. These efforts are still carried out to this day even though the efforts made for the production of electric cars are still prototypes or prototypes but it deserves a thumbs up from the efforts of the government and related parties.

Advantages of Electric Car Technology

 Future Electric Car Technology

Electric car technology itself has several advantages or advantages that are very potential compared to ordinary oil-driven cars. The first advantage and the highlight of an electric car is that electric cars do not produce motorized emissions.

By not producing motorized vehicle emissions, the use of electric car technology will be very good to contribute to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which have great potential for accelerate the pace of global warming or global warming.

In addition, the use and application of electric cars will also reduce our level of dependence on fuel oil which is a non-renewable energy and energy sources will eventually run out. Even some developed countries in the world have succeeded in reducing their level of dependence on fuel oil because they have found advantages in this electric car technology.

However, among these advantages the electric car is also inseparable from the side of weakness. The most striking weakness of the use of electric car technology is the fact that the costs required to use or produce electric cars in mass are still very high when compared to the production of cars in general.

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The high cost of production cannot be separated from the components in the electric car which are different from ordinary types of cars and can only be obtained at a fairly expensive cost. In addition, another weakness of this electric car technology is that there are still few electric fuel stations in Indonesia. Which will be a particular fear what if the fuel or electricity from the car runs out in the middle of the trip.

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