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Easy Ways to View All URLs / Link Pages on a Blog

Easy Ways to See and know All URLs / Link Pages Hidden Post Pages Blogger Blogspot And wordpress. Hello blogger friend after so long not posting about the blog tutorial label then today the admin will take the time to share tricks on how to grab the url address of all pages in the blog. Previously this post was inspired by a friend who asked the Whatsapp blogger group jagonkodeindonesia . And I really thank you as much as they can. Because if it's not a question from them, then the title of this post can't be lift admin, of course. For visitors who want to know what content is contained in the blog page. Can be through the way admin will share this. Sometimes the blog page is not the same as the post page. Which when finished posting will automatically appear on the homepage on the blog. Because the page is created to highlight only important posts. For example if you open a service or something. So if you want to make it, you can use the link. Now the link is sometimes only located in the blog navigation header or in the footer. can not be made too much because it will make the space for the menu link to be a little.

As an example if you see a page like Contact us, privacy policy. TOS and disclaimer Most are made in the page. And you can see a blog that definitely presents a link to this page. because it is one of the main requirements about the completeness of blog navigation. Especially if you are an adsense player then this must be included in your blog. Then what about the other page links? of course it is impossible to put everything on the blog.

Now on this occasion there is an easy way for us to See All URLs / Links Page Blog Posts even though the blog never displays it on their respective blogs.

Easy Ways to See All URL / Link Page Blog

For example, you can immediately see this blog specifically. This blogger blog has a blogger platform and for the admin page to load only put a few seeds, you can see it on the front page of the homepage at the bottom of the footer.

 How to easily see all page URLs on the blog "border =" 0 "data-original-height = "611" data-original-width = "873" height = "446" src = "https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-SMIe6Ye7FKw/XJm8ALJpg7I/AAAAAAAAFZo/wZQMUZkxvx4sAOzItltGWQ6vF8crDWtUwCLcBGAs/s640/Cara%2BEasy%2BView% 2All% 2BURL% 2B% page 2Bdi% 2Bblog.png "title =" Easy way to see all URLs of pages in the blog "width =" 640 "/> </div>
 In the picture above you can see clearly that the page link is placed in front of the blog there are only 2 links, namely About and Contact admin, while the original page link on the great blog this code is in total is 11 </p>
<div class=  How to Easily View All page links on the blog "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 625 " data-original-width = "1301" height = "306" src = "https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-EfgPfGj9CGU/XJm9w1cbZXI/AAAAAA AAFZ0 / hmmxSzN_Nm4El6ytKNV8QLFXJUC6BHRngCLcBGAs / s640 / How to% 2BEasy% 2BView% 2B%% 2Bpage% 2Bdi% 2Bblog.png "title =" Easy way to see all page links in the blog "width =" 640 "/> </div>
 Well because I am admin this blog holder is outline only who knows what the link is. and what pages have been created in this code. Then what about those of you who are just a visitor to the blog it is definitely impossible to find out. But take it easy in this way all blog visitors can easily find out what links are contained in it. </p>
 How to find out the entire hidden blog page address </h3>
<p><b> For the Blogger Platform </b></p>
<p> If the page you want is a blogger / blogspot platform then very easy. see Please just access directly via the sitemap URL the format is like this: </p>
<blockquote class=


It will be like this:

https://jagoankode.blogspot.com/sitemap -pages.xml

If the link is clicked, it will look like the following:

Look at the sign in which there is a url link that goes to the original page of this great blog. Compare with the second picture above, calculate the number of Url is the same? if the url is calculated equal to 11.

Now how easy is that friend right? Then how for wordpress?

For the wordpress platform

For wordpress this is a bit different from the blogger because blogger by default the sitemap has been created automatically. Unlike wordpress, you have to help with plugins or make it yourself. to find out what type of sitemap please look through the following link:


If it appears as shown below, the blog uses yoast and you can see the page list as shown below:

 How to find out the entire blog page address is hidden "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 435 "data-original-width =" 1083 "height =" 256 "src =" https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-yYJ6y8XvytM/XJnErKDGTlI/AAAAAAAAFaM/c87LgveWf1sA0sPY5UsLeaR3RjakjgoMACLcBGAs/s640/Cara%2BKnow%2BS whole%2Battern%2Bpage % 2Bblog% 2Byang% 2B Hidden.png "title =" How to Know All hidden blog page addresses "width =" 640 "/> </div>
<p><span style= Then what about those who use other plugins? Or their own sitemap. You can make them to know how to place sitemap.xml at the end of the blog url


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