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Easy Ways to Scan and Clean Malware Using Google Chrome

In addition to viruses, Malware is one of the enemies of Windows users. Now many different kinds of malware are scattered, regardless of where they come from, you know, just appear. Now we can prevent and clean up our Windows from Malware using anti malware software, so much software like that if we search on Google, right. Well actually on Google Chrome has provided a feature to clean malware on our Windows.

How to Clean Malware via Google Chrome

Your first open Google Chrome, and open url: "

 chrome: // settings / cleanup 

Then click the Find button to detect malware

Google Chrome will check for malware. And it turns out that the computer I use is not detected by malware.


Some other benefits of this Google Chrome feature, such as:

  • Pop-up ads.
  • Google Chrome's default search homepage.
  • extension.
  • Browser which was hijack .

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