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Easy Ways to Open and Create CSV Files in Office Excel Complete Images

How to open and create CSV in Excel – What is CSV, how do I open a CSV file, how do I create a CSV file? I will peel it off here so you can understand it. Comma Separated Value which is then abbreviated as CSV is a simple data format to facilitate users in the process of inputting data to the database. CSV can also be used in ASCII file standards where each record is separated by commas (,) or semicolons (;).

Also Read: How to Easily Convert CDR File Formats to JPG and PNG With CorelDRAW [19659004] When you receive a file in CSV format, this file is usually labeled .csv, so this file can be opened using Office Excel software. Or if you don't have Office Excel, you can also open CSV format files using Google Spreadsheets online.

Opening CSV format files is not the same as when opening file formats in general. Even if you are using Office Excel, if your CSV file is opened simply by double-clicking on the file, the display will be messy. The file does not match the columns in Office Excel. This is because the CSV file on the basis of creation does not use columns, but CSV files use commas (,) or semicolons (;). Of course, in accordance with the file name, namely Comma Separated Value.

CSV file format is generally used by large companies, schools, foundations, or other large companies. The reason is that they have big data so that the use of CSV file format allows data searching to be easier.

Then also many invoice applications used by cashiers that automatically save data using CSV file format. Even the Tax Office reporting formats such as SPT through e-Filing use CSV format. That is why many companies choose to use CSV file format.

Here's How to Open CSV File Format With Office Excel

For the first time opening a CSV file will certainly be confused, because when the file is opened it will appear cluttered. Though to open CSV files there are certain ways. Here is how:

Here I assume that you currently have a CSV file. To open it, please open Office Excel. Here I am using Microsoft Office Excel 2007.

On the Office Excel page, please click select Data then click From Text .

You find the file CSV which will be opened in Office Excel, then click select Import .

In the Original data type, please select Delimited then click Next

For Delimiters, please adjust the CSV file you want to open. This is to separate the CSV file column which we will open in Office Excel. Here I only choose Tab and Comma meaning that each comma in the CSV file will be separated into column form. Then after you have determined Delimiters, click Next to continue.

Here you can adjust the format in each column to be created based on CSV files. Please specify the format of each column as needed. By default the column format is General . For example for the date column, you can specify it to Date. If you have finished determining the column format, then you click Finish .

Here you can simply select the Ok only.

Done! Now CSV file display is not messy anymore. Each row separated by commas will automatically form a column in Office Excel. Here you add data, modify data, provide table borders, and so on as needed.

How to Create CSV Format Files Using Office Excel

How to open CSV files how easy isn't it? Next here I will explain how to create CSV files. Or for example a CSV file format that you have opened and make changes as needed then you will save it again in CSV format.

To create CSV files with Office Excel is easy. After the file you want to change the file format to open in Office Excel, the next step is to simply click Office Button then select Save As .

Previously save the file , You first determine the type of file to be saved. In the example here we will create a CSV file, for that reason you will choose the type CSV (Comma delimited) .

After determining the file type, now you specify the file name in column . ] File Name . Finally click the button Save and finish.

Finish! Now that you know what a CSV file is, how do you open and create a CSV file in Office Excel?

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And maybe the article How to Open and Make CSV in Excel is sufficient. Hopefully this article has its benefits and see you again in other cool and interesting articles. Always successful greetings …

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