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Easy Ways to Eliminate Vocals on Songs & Videos

removing vocals from a song is not an easy job
resolved, but that is possible. There are many ways to remove vocals from a
songs, but most of these methods require practice and understanding
sound waves and others. But if you have the ability to understand
sound waves and others, you can use one of the programs
free audio editing below to delete vocals from a song
in a short time and without the need for special expertise in the editing world

this is an application for removing vocals from a song:

1. Audacity

Audacity is
audio editing program that is quite popular with many features and options
useful that you can try, but with this application you can delete
vocal easier. You must read the manual for
find out the important points to eliminate the vocals from the song.

Download Audacity in the link below:

2. AnalogX Vocal Remover

If you have
using Winamp, there are several plugins
named AnalogX Vocal Remover which you can use to delete vocals
from any song that you can play on Winamp.

This plugin
equipped with a slider that allows you to control the amount
audio processing. Easy to use, and you only need one minute to
delete vocals from a song

Download AnalogX
Vocal Remover in the link below:

3. Wavosaur

is an amazing free audio application because it is equipped with automatic processing and
lots of editing tools. There is also a plugin available in this application
VST, loops, recordings, and so on. you can
use Wavosaur to delete vocals from any song with the tool
Voice Remover. This automatic feature does everything
with just one click, so you don't need to spend a lot of time
delete song vocals

Download Wavosaur on Link

4. Karaoke

If all
the application above is still quite complicated for you, this application
is an application specifically designed to remove vocals from a song.
This is very user-friendly, simple and very easy to understand

Download Karaoke Anything in the link below:

>> Source Link


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