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Easy Ways to Deal with error code 006 service tool

If you use the service tool application to repair a canon printer, have you ever experienced an error code 006 service tool? If so, in this article I will provide an easy solution to overcome the error code 006 service tool.

Solution First: Check the cartridge in the printer that you are going to repair first.

your cartridge, because an empty cartridge can cause error code 006 service to appear

Second Solution: Wait a few moments after you click the "Main" menu in the service tool application

You click "Play", wait a few minutes. If the error still appears,
first restart your computer.

Solution Three: Disconnect the USB Printer Cable

  • Close the application service tool
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer
  • Wait for about 10 seconds and then reinstall the USB cable to printer
  • After that in Windows, will appear "New device" click Next
  • Just follow the instructions to complete the instruction (or wait for windows to finish detecting the printer)
  • Then reopen application service tool

Solution Four: Perform a Manual Reset on the Printer First

3 solutions above can not resolve error 006, do a manual reset on
printer in the following way:

  • Turn off the printer and make sure the printer power cable remains plugged in
  • Press Resume Button and
    hold on. Then proceed with pressing power button without releasing the Resume button, Wait for the printer indicator light
    until green
  • After that release the button Resume
    first and not to release the power button
  • In the state power button
    which is still pressed, press the Resume button 5 X again. until there is lamu
    the Orange and Green indicators flash alternately.
  • Release the power and resume buttons simultaneously and wait for the lights
    green color doesn't blink anymore.
  • Just reopen the service tool application

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