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Easy Ways to Convert SD Videos to HD Videos

As you know, videos have different qualities. And SD or HD video quality is a commonly used term.

In this article, we want to make a comparison between SD and HD video quality, and tell you how to convert video quality from SD to HD smoothly with the WonderFox application HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

What is the difference between SD and HD quality?

Video quality is related to resolution and number of pixels.

In general, SD stands for Standard Definition and HD stands for High Definition [1945990]. Standard Definition (SD) has a resolution of 720 pixels wide and 480 pixels high (480p) while High Definition (HD) has a wide resolution of 1,920 pixels and a height of 1,080 pixels (1080p). In addition, there are more than 3000 pixels in 4K videos.

And video quality is based on video codecs and video bitrates. The general consensus is AVC / H.264 which is one of the best video codecs currently to get higher quality video with a smaller size. Btw, video formats (such as AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.) Only containers, which are not criteria for evaluating video quality. In addition, video bitrate is also a very important factor. Usually, the higher the video bitrate, the better the video quality. However, the quality of video sources is very important for you to get HD video because low resolution videos that have high bitrate are not considered as HD videos.

How do you convert SD videos to HD videos and vice versa?

Usually, video conversion is of quality high (HD) to lower quality (SD) can be easily done with some traditional software, such as Format Factory or Freemake.

But the question is whether it is possible for us to convert normal videos to HD?

Of course. To convert low resolution videos to high resolution, such as SD videos to HD are supported by WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which is one of the most powerful software.

With this software, you can easily convert your low quality videos to HD video (Full HD or even 4K video) with a few clicks.

Now, we will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert SD videos to HD with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Allows you to Convert Videos from SD to HD:

You can download the program here, install and open it now.

1. Import Target Video Files
Click on the Add Files button at the top of the program and select your SD video that you want to convert to HD quality. Or you can drag and drop videos into the program.

Tip: besides converting video files, you are supported to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and many other video sites.

2.1 Select video output format [19659016] Now it's time to choose the format you want for HD video output. To do this, open the Output Format list to the right of the main interface.

Options are divided into several sections. You can choose the format you want from the Video section. Of course, if you want to make HD movies, Full HD, or even 4K, it's better to choose the 4K / HD option.

After that, select the desired format. For example, we chose HD (MP4) format.

2.2 Other ways: Select the desired quality for the final video
Select the format and return to the main interface. You can change the quality you want by dragging the slider bar on the right.

You can choose from the qualities of Auto Fit (User), 480P (DVD), 720P (HD), 1080P (FHD) and 4K (UHD). But you have to know, depending on the format you choose, some of these qualities may not be selected, but if you choose one of the regular formats (not 4K / HD) in the previous step, all of these options will be available to you.

Create other settings for the final video (Optional).
It is also possible to add or delete subtitles, cut file clips, cut and add special effects to videos.

3. Start converting SD video quality to HD:
After adjusting the settings, click Run to start the process of converting videos to higher quality HD.

The time needed for the entire process depends on the size of the original video and output video quality you choose. However, one of the advantages of HD Video Converter Factory software is the fast conversion speed. So it will save you time.

This is a complete tutorial on how to convert video to hd. Good luck. And if you have other ideas, please comment below.


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