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Easy Way to Download Instagram Videos via Telegram

It feels like discussing Instagram like no end. Lots of tricks that we may not know in Instagram, but very easy and very useful. Well, talking about Instagram, have you ever wished to download videos from Instagram? What are you doing? Instagram application is not available for downloading video button. Are you going to download the video using the Instagram app already in custom / mod? Lots of ap modifications available on the internet you can download it. But usually the Mod application has many bugs.

Is there a simple way? of course there is. As I said earlier, that many secret tricks that many people do not know. We can use Telegram application, if in Smartphone we installed telegram application. Usually if we send video link in chat telegram, video contained in the link can we download directly via Chat telegram

How to Download Instagram Videos via Telegram

The trick is very easy, follow the following steps:

  1. Find the video we want to download on Instagram
  2. Click the option button on the video post
  3. Select 'Copy Link'.
  4. Open Telegram
  5. Entrance Any chatroom allowed.
  6. Paste the link that was already copied to the chatbox, then send a chat.
  7. Later will automatically display the video in Instagram
  8. Then click the Download Button on the video that appears. 19659013] Download Instagram Video via Telegram ” width=”169″ height=”300″ />
  9. Then the video will be stored in your Smartphone's memory.

Easy is not it? no need to bother "looking for MOD applications to just download the video. Good luck.


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