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EA revives the C&C franchise with Command and Conquer: Rivals

  • Command & Conquer: Rivals is a new competitive mobile title announced by EA at the EA Play event.
  • The game features well-known units and characters from the Command & Conquer universe.
  • Gameplay is real time, and players are in constant control of their troops as they vie for control of a nuclear silo.

Start stockpiling your tiberium, because EA has just announced the release of Command & Conquer: Rivals. This will be the first title in the C&C franchise to hit Western audiences in six years, although another title is under development by Tencent for release in China.

EA announced the new mobile title alongside Anthem and a battle royale mode for Battlefield V at the EA Play event in Los Angeles. Following the announcement, the free-to-play game was released into pre-alpha, and can be downloaded now.

Although Command & Conquer: Rivals features the forces of both the Global Defence Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod, gameplay has been overhauled for the mobile title. It’s still a competitive 1v1 RTS, but plays more like Clash Royale with one notable exception: you are in constant control of your troops.

You start with a mobile construction vehicle, which deploys and slowly collects tiberium. You then use the tiberium you’ve collected to make buildings and send units onto the battlefield, with the goal of taking control of two out of three zones. If you are able to hold them for a certain amount of time, a powerful nuclear missile will be sent hurtling toward the enemy command center.

There’s also the option to send out additional harvesters to boost your tiberium income, but they’re vulnerable to enemy attack. Like its predecessors, Command & Conquer: Rivals features fog of war, which adds another strategic element to keep track of.

Before each battle, you choose up to six unit types. Each unit type has unique strengths and abilities, and can be leveled up to gain a bit more HP and DPS. Once in the battle, you’ll need to construct the required building before sending out the units themselves.

Fans of C&C will recognize most of the units in the game, as well as some of the commanders available on each side. Even the leather-clad, chrome-domed Kane makes an appearance, with the ability to deploy a powerful tesla coil-like structure anywhere on the battlefield.

As stated above, the game is already available for download in pre-alpha state via the Play Store. Check it out now by clicking on the button below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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