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Download Vivo V9 Stock Wallpapers

Download Vivo V9 Stock Wallpapers

Okay, let’s address the notch in the room right-away. Is it ugly? Compared to the iPhone X, yes, it is, although it is smaller so it shouldn’t be. That is subjective, however. Some may find it appealing. To be honest, there probably would not be such negativity online, at least, if we didn’t know everyone was just following Apple. Sure, Essential did it first, Motorola dropped the headphone jack first too. Let’s not kid ourselves though, we know who all these Android OEMs worship. If you can get past that though, the notch on Android phones is notch as bad as iPhone’s. It does look pretty good to at least on the lockscreen and home screen. Whether you want the notch or not, you certainly want the Vivo V9 stock wallpapers.

Because why else would you be here?

The Vivo V9 is officially the first phone in India to have the notch. The notch is apparently here to say until Apple in the funniest prank ever played, removes it from the next iPhone. It also features face unlock which is also quite the rage since the iPhone X. The UI looks heavily inspired by Apple’s iOS as well although it does run on the latest Android 8.1. You can swipe up from the bottom to open up an iOS-like control center and even enable gesture controls like the iPhone X. It may seem like I’m talking more about the iPhone X but the Vivo V9 gives you no other choice. At least it has a fingerprint scanner and it sits in a nice spot on the back.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 octa-core processor with 4GB RAM powers the device along with a 3,260mAh battery. Not the largest battery on a smartphone but should be enough to get you through a decent working day. The dual camera setup on the back consists of a 16 MP and a 5 MP sensor with adjustable depth of field. The star of the show, however, is the 24 MP selfie shooter on the front. Like many other Vivo smartphones, the Vivo V9 is a selfie oriented phone. The fact may have been largely ignored in the free marketing the phone got due to its resemblance to iPhone X. I doubt even the company can deny at this point that they were just trying to make an iPhone for the budget oriented market.

Download Vivo V9 Stock Wallpapers

The Vivo V9 has an unusually tall 19:9 display with a resolution of 2280×1080 px. Naturally, the stock wallpapers from the device also carry on that resolution and aspect ratio. It’s pretty obvious that it is notch only (I’m going to keep making that joke) the design of the phone that was “inspired” by a certain fruit company’s iconicPhone. Some wallpaper’s bear a striking resemblance to the iPhone X wallpaper while one of them is a clear ripoff from the Samsung Galaxy S8’s wallpaper. We’re not complaining, however, since both the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X had some nice wallpapers. The other, seemingly original wallpapers are also similarly either just colorful and artistic or a beautiful landscape. A few of them are also about daily objects that we normally don’t look at and feel awed. However, these wallpapers will make you feel otherwise. Overall, a nice bunch of wallpapers.

The wallpapers added below are from the system folder on the Vivo V9. However, they do not represent all of the stock wallpapers from the device. You can download the wallpapers one by one or just cherry pick the ones you like. Clicking on any of the images below will enlarge them and give you the full-sized image. Keep in mind though that these are compressed JPEGs so you may lose out on the quality a little. We have packed the full-sized sized PNG wallpapers including the additional wallpapers in a zip file linked at the bottom. In case you have trouble downloading from MEGA, we have also added a Google Drive mirror link.

Download Vivo V9 Stock Wallpapers | Mirror

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