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Download the newest pCloud Drive 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest pCloud Drive Developer: pCloud Team
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 10MB

pCloud is a service online storage. Every user who signs up for pCloud will automatically get a free online storage capacity of 10 GB. There are also several other packages such as a 500 GB premium package and 2 TB premium. You are also given the opportunity to add a free capacity of 1 GB for each person who registers to pCloud via invite (invitation) that you send

For the convenience of managing files, pCloud also provides pCloud Drive for Windows users. In its installation, pCloud Drive includes Eldos CFBS as a driver to handle some of the features associated with the cloud. If a dialog box appears from Windows Security asking for confirmation for to install the driver, click the Install button to complete the entire pCloud installation process.

In addition, other conditions that must be met for using pCloud Drive are Windows that you use must already have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later versions.

Features of pCloud Drive

 Download the Latest pCloud Drive

Display pCloud Drive

pCloud Drive is installed as a virtual drive on the computer. On the drive you can manage all files stored online like you are managing offline files. Keep in mind that the virtual drive will only appear in File Explorer after you login to pCloud through the main pCloud Drive window.

There are several ways to upload files from pCloud Drive. Namely by moving the file to a virtual drive, copy and paste the file to a virtual drive, or synchronize the folder with pCloud.

Users are advised to choose synchronization when the file they want to upload is large. The goal is that upload files can run smoothly. With synchronization, users do not need to repeat the upload from the beginning if the upload suddenly interrupted in the middle of the road.

Synchronizing the folder itself can be done through the context menu in File Explorer or through the Sync menu in the main window of pCloud Drive. Each file that is synchronized will then be uploaded with the upload speed as predetermined, which is unlimited. This speed, and also the download speed, can be limited so as not to interfere with browsing activity.

Download the Latest pCloud Drive

Inside pCloud Drive there is also a feature to upload screenshots automatically. After this feature is activated, each time the Print Screen button on the keyboard is pressed, at that time the screenshot will be directly uploaded to pCloud and stored in a separate folder called Screenshots.

pCloud Drive is not just a software for uploading and downloading files, but also for file sharing. If the files that you want to share are in a folder, you only need to add the folder to the share list. But if the files are in several different folders, you can move them all into a new folder to share. Download the latest and free pCloud Drive via the link below:


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