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Download the Latest YUMI 2019 (Free Download)

Have you ever used a Linux operating system on your computer? Linux is considered to be one of the operating systems that is very safe from virus attacks. In contrast to Windows, which is often exposed to a virus so heavy that it requires the computer owner to reinstall it on their computer.

But Linux has its own security system so that viruses will not enter your computer. Even the security system from Linux can be said to be very strong so that the virus can not touch the software on the computer. Indeed, viruses that are left for a long time on a computer will continue to accumulate and can damage the software.

Usually a virus that enters a computer can come from several factors. Starting from accidentally clicking on ads when you open a website. Or download a software or other data from the internet whose source is unclear. Linux does have a different system look with the Windows operating system.

Features and Use of YUMI

 Download the Latest YUMI

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So many people are still confused when first using the Linux operating system. But for those of you who want to try Linux, then you don't have to install the operating system on your computer. Because you can simply try it through a flash disk first with the help of YUMI.

YUMI stands for Your Universal Multiboot Installer. Where by using this software the installation process that you will be working on can be done in a multiboot. What is meant by multiboot here is that YUMI can be used to store operating system installations, anti-virus, and various other important software.

YUMI is a flash drive that uses the syslinux system to store data on the software as well as to boot on your computer . The usefulness of YUMI is as follows:

One device with multiple storage

If usually when you will install the operating system on a computer then you need a lot of flash drives with different software contents. But with YUMI you can get one tool by storing all the software you need.

Can be used for Live Linux

The next use of YUMI is to do Live Linux. Which means you can try the Linux operating system without having to install it.

Data cloning

You can also duplicate data on your flash drive using YUMI.

Download the Latest YUMI

Even with YUMI you can make a Linux operating system simulator before you decide to install this one operating system on your computer. So you can get acquainted with the new Linux operating system and install it on your computer. Because there are some differences found in Linux, so you have to adjust it if you are a Windows operating system user. Download the latest and free YUMI via the link below:


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