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Download the Latest Wordweb 2019 (Free Download)

Download Wordweb – Wordweb is a therasaurus software that is used to spell on the typing results that we do. Wordweb will provide definitions for words that we type, synomime, and antomine for each word we type in.

WordWeb supports the word spelling function when typing, so that when a typo occurs it will be marked by WordWeb Software. In addition to generating definitions, Wordweb will also bring up the pronoun form (pronunciation) in the form of text, audio, and there is a definition containing information from the word typed, such as synonyms, related words, and references to Wiktionary (Wikipedia) .

WordWeb can be accessed through other software outside Wordweb. Such as Microsoft Word, Wordpad, even when we do web browsing. We can easily spell directly from other software, without always struggling with opening Wordweb software, because Wordweb will automatically integrate with other software in Windows.

Use and Function of Wordweb

 Download the Latest Wordweb


1. Multilingual support

Wordweb software has a lot of language support, so that its ability to translate words is not limited to just one language. The languages ​​supported by WordWeb include English, American, Indian, and many more. In addition, in the version of Wordweb Pro, it is possible to add a dictionary or thesaurus from Oxford or for example.

2. Without Using an Internet connection

One more use of Wordweb, is without using an Internet connection, because all databases are stored in the installation folder when installing Wordweb sofwtare. So we don't need to worry about the obstacles when using this software because of the absence or disruption of existing Internet connections.

3. Supporting Reference to External links

As with accurate therasaurus software, Wordweb supports cross-reference or on-demand source retrieval of words that are being searched for, via the web as Wikipedia and so on. This makes Wordweb's accuracy maintained.

4. Add a Commentary from External Links

Besides supporting outbound references. Wordweb also supports installation of dictionaries from third parties to add to the database of vocabulary it supports. Many dictionaries can be used on wordweb to increase the vocabulary it supports. Example dictation

Download Latest Wordweb

In conclusion, Wordweb is a software that has many benefits besides being easy to use. Wordweb is a compulsory software used to make it easy to type scripts.

Besides that, Wordweb can be installed as a portable software, by selecting the Portable option through the Advanced option when the software installation takes place. Until now, Wordweb has reached version 8.23, and has reached total downloads in the World, more than 10 million. Download the latest and free Wordweb via the link below:


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