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Download the Latest WinX YouTube Downloader 2019 (Free Download)

Although named WinX YouTube Downloader, there are more than 600 websites supported by this software besides YouTube. Some of them are TikTok, NBCNews, Slideshare, Instagram, IMDB, Vimeo, Natgeo and HuffPost. For YouTube itself, videos can be downloaded from the search page, history, channel, watch later, playlist, live, user, and subscription.

The appearance of WinX YouTube Downloader looks modern and professional so you might think of it as commercial software, but actually this software is completely free even though there are sometimes messages that remind you to upgrade to VideoProc. Even if it's free, its features are quite capable.

WinX YouTube Downloader feature

 Download 4k Video Downloader

Display 4k Video Downloader

Download as many videos as you want

Besides downloading individual videos, WinX YouTube Downloader can also download many videos at once. In the process, every video that is entered will not be downloaded immediately, but only accommodated in a queue list.

In this case there are two choices you can make, which is to wait until all the videos have finished loading, then download all of them simultaneously in one time click by pressing the Download Now button. Or, manually choose videos to download.

Download all videos from Playlist, Channel and Subscription

You don't need to log into YouTube to download videos with WinX YouTube Downloader. However, if you want to download videos that are in your Subscription or playlist that are Private, then you must login first. If you are concerned about the security of your YouTube account, you should transfer subscriptions and playlists from the main account to another account, then use that other account to be accessed through WinX YouTube Downloader.

Besides downloading your own playlist, you can also download videos from the playlist or other user channel. However, you should be careful. Too many videos in a channel can make your computer unusable until WinX YouTube Downloader has finished analyzing all the videos.

Video Player

Inside WinX YouTube Downloader there is a video player for watching downloaded videos. The video player is small in size and cannot be enlarged at all making it uncomfortable to watch videos, but at least it is sufficient to review videos quickly. Then you can determine whether the video is worth saving or immediately deleted.

Download WinX YouTube Downloader

If you intend to download a large number of videos but cannot wait for the download to finish, you can activate the auto shutdown feature. This feature will turn off the computer automatically after there are no more videos to download.

With WinX YouTube Downloader, videos that can be downloaded are not only HD and FHD videos, but also 60 FPS UHD videos. As for the video format, you can choose between FLV, MP4 and WEBM. Download the latest WinX YouTube Downloader and it's free via the link below:


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