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Download the Latest WinToFlash 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest WinToFlash Developer: Novicorp
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 13MB

OS: Windows License: Freeware Size: 13MB

In using computer devices, whether it's a laptop, pc, or netbook, sometimes we need to do a reinstall. Either because our computers are very slow, or some programs are infected with a virus, then reinstallation becomes the last resort.

It's just that reinstalling using a CD or DVD often feels uncomfortable. Frequently used CDs are often damaged due to abrasions or scratches. In addition, the CD as an optical drive is not as reliable as the speed of other storage such as flash or hard drive. Moreover, some devices such as netbooks have now also left the optical drive feature, so we are forced to use expensive expensive CD / DVDs.

Use of WinToFlash

 Download the Latest WinToFlash

Latest WinToFlash Display

No need to rely on CD / DVD installers is to use a bootable installer, which is to move the installer from the CD / DVD to your disk. This method is more practical than relying on optical drives that are deemed inflexible and easily damaged.

To be able to make bootable Flasdisk you need help from a WinToFlash software. This software is intended to make a bootable flashdisk to install the Windows Vista operating system to Windows 10. Among the advantages of WinToFlash include:

  • Makes it easy for you to make Bootable Flasdisk
  • Compatible with almost all versions of the Windows Operating System
  • Fast file processing and safe
  • No need to install WinToFlash, because this software is portable

Using a bootable disk is very efficient because you can do a repeat installation to all computers without having to take turns using the CD. You also don't need to worry about your CD being scratched. Bootable disk usage is usually found in an office environment or in a computer service provider.

Download the Latest WinToFlash

Before you make a bootable disk on your flashdisk, make sure you have moved all the files that are in your flasdisk. Because in the process of making an iso file WinToFlash will format your flasdisk thoroughly, so that all files in the flasdisk can be lost.

After that WinToFlash will copy the windows installation cd and make a bootable disk, wait until the finish while the iso file creation process is in progress. The minimum system needed to run this software is Windows XP / 2003 / VISTA. With a flash disk capacity of 1 GB for XP, and 2 GB for Vista to Windows 10. Download the latest and free WinToFlash via the link below:


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