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Download the Latest WinMerge 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest WinMerge Developer: WinMerge
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 6MB

Comparing the contents of two files for figuring out where the difference is can sometimes be very inconvenient and time consuming. Work like this requires patience and patience when done manually. For those of you who want to save time, WinMerge can do the work for you.

WinMerge is free software that is able to detect and mark differences between three files or folders. Of course all that is done automatically. You only need to enter all the files or folders you want to compare, then wait until WinMerge has finished comparing the two.

Key Features of WinMerge

 Download the Latest WinMerge

Display of the Latest WinMerge

1. Comparing files based on content

There are at least three sections marked by WinMerge in comparing files. Namely, the exact same part, different parts, and parts that are in one file but not found in another file. All three are marked with a different color so that the user can immediately find out which parts should be edited.

2. Comparing the contents of a folder

In comparing two folders, if a file is only in one folder, the file will be marked in gray and an icon that looks like a piece of paper.

If both folders have a file named the same, then the file will be compared further based on its content. If the contents are also the same, then such files will be marked with white and check marks. If the contents are not the same, then the file will be marked with an exclamation mark and a different color.

3. Editing different files

Files with different contents can be edited directly in WinMerge. You can fix missing portions of text by typing all the words or sentences one at a time. Another way is to use the Merge feature.

The Merge feature provides two main methods for dealing with differences. The first, move from one section to another, then choose the Copy to Right or Copy to Left option to copy the text. Secondly, choose Copy All to Right or Copy All to Left to copy all existing text simultaneously.

4. Backup

After the file has been edited, you can immediately save it without the need to bother creating new files. WinMerge will automatically make backups of files that have been edited and saved.

Download the Latest WinMerge

To add files or folders to be compared to WinMerge, the easiest way is through the context menu. The trick, right-click on the file, then click WinMerge. If you select two files at a time, they will be compared directly. If you only select one file, then a dialog box will appear where you can insert other files.

WinMerge can be integrated with the context menu during installation. For users who choose the portable version, this integration can be done through the Shell Integration menu available in the Options window. Download the latest and free WinMerge via the link below:


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