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Download the Latest Weka Explorer 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Weka Explorer Developer: Weka Team
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 50MB

Weka is a device software to facilitate data mining activities that are equipped with various machine learning algorithms to carry out processes related to information collection systems or data mining.

Weka can also be used to handle Big Data which is now also a big issue among the digital industry to be able to handle the many data streams that exist. Some excellent features possessed by WEKA are:

 Download the Latest Weka Explorer

Display of the Latest Weka Explorer

1. Classification

On this device there are many algorithms that can help users in the object classification process to implement directly. Weka users can load a dataset, choose an algorithm for classification, and then display several data representations that represent the results of the accuracy or error rate of the classification process.

2. Regression

Regression is an activity to make a prediction of a pattern that has been used as a data model. The purpose of regression activities is to create a new variable that can describe an activity from future developments. Where this can be easily done because the regression process can be done through a simple user interface / user experience.

3. Clustering

This method is one of the processes in machine learning which has the goal of being able to group data and explain the relationships or relationships contained in the data. This method is used in analyzing data to be able to display a pattern due to relations between data.

In this device there are several algorithmic approaches to deal with clustering problems. In the clustering feature will display the results or conclusions from the data clustering process and outline the results of these calculations.

4. Association Rules

Association Rules is a method used to find various relationships between the number of variables contained in a database with a large number.

Download the Latest Weka Explorer

WEKA has a feature to provide a data representation that is the results of a data mining process in the form of images or charts. This feature will easily and informatively display the results of calculations with various supporting parameters generated in the form of data representation.

There is also a feature called Data Preprocessing. In this feature, WEKA has two types of processing namely stemming and stopword removal. This feature is only available in the English version of the software. Some of the stemming algorithms available in this software include Snowball Stemmer, Loovin Stemmer, and Iterated Lovins Stemmer. Download the latest and free Weka Explorer via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]

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