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Download the Latest Vuze 2019 (Free Download)

Vuze is a Java-based torrent client that is quite often recommended besides qBittorrent and Transmission. The reason, Vuze is easy to use for beginners but also has advanced features for experienced users.

When Vuze is installed, a Customize option is available that allows users to select folders, create shortcuts, choose display modes, reject or accept offers to install AVG Antivirus if not needed, integrate Vuze with iTunes, allow or reject Vuze that tries to get location information users, and activate the chat feature.

Advantages of Vuze Bittorrent Client

 Download Vuze Bittorrent Client

Display of Vuze Bittorrent Client

One of the advantages of Vuze is its interface appearance which is relatively better than the average of other torrent clients. There is one ad in the lower left corner but it doesn't feel annoying because it's still in a reasonable stage. The existence of this ad is actually good because it can provide financial support needed by its developers so that Vuze can always be updated from time to time.

There are three display modes to choose from. One of them is Beginner mode for beginners. This mode hides some settings and only displays options that can be understood by beginners without significant difficulty. While the Intermediate and Advanced modes provide more complete options for users who want to set Vuze as detailed as possible.

Like most torrent clients, Vuze is also equipped with the ability to set download and upload speeds. In addition to the availability of options to limit the speed of all active torrents, there is also an option to increase the upload speed automatically when all torrents have been downloaded.

Users can set the speed of by simply right-clicking on the Vuze icon in the system tray. There are Up Limit and Down Limit options, each containing several limits that can be activated in just one click. Speed ​​limits can also be determined manually.

Another feature that is usually owned by popular torrent clients is RSS and this is also available in Vuze. For users who only download torrents when they need something, this feature might not be of much use. But for users who are trying to increase their collection of films or music, Vuze's support for RSS allows them to obtain new collections without having to browse the web content manually.

Download Vuze Bittorrent Client

One of the reasons users choose Vuze is its collection of features which is considered more complete than other torrent clients. Moreover, Vuze also supports plugins so that its capabilities can be added as much as possible according to the needs of each user.

In essence, regardless of whether the user is proficient or beginner, Vuze is specifically designed to meet the needs of both types. This can be seen from the three display modes that allow users to start from the most basic mode before then move to the next mode gradually. Download the latest and free Vuze Bittorrent Client via the link below:


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