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Download the Latest VMWare Player 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest VMWare Player Developer: VMware Inc.
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 135MB

Download VMWare Player – VMWare Player or VMware Workstation Player is software for running one or more operating systems in a virtual machine. In terms of system virtualization, VMWare Player is very often recommended besides VirtualBox.

If both are compared, VMWare Player is superior in terms of performance (faster and more responsive), but its features are more limited than VirtualBox. For example, one feature that only exists in the paid version (VMWare Workstation Pro) but is available free of charge in VirtualBox is the ability to clone operating systems.

Usability of VMWare Player

 Latest VMWare Player download

VMWare Player display Latest

WMWare Player is only available for Windows and Linux. The installation process is quite time consuming and at first the screen will be dominated by VMWare Player so users will not be able to do multitasking. The hard disk capacity needed is not too large, but of course the user also has to leave space for the operating system which will be installed inside the VMWare Player.

Whereas installing the operating system on VMWare Player, users are free to choose to install it from DVD or ISO files. Then VMWare Player will try to detect the operating system on the installer. If the detection fails, the user must set it manually. After that the user will be asked to determine the disk space needed by the operating system.

Users are also provided with the option to adjust how much memory capacity needs to be allocated to the virtual machine. By default the capacity is determined based on recommendations determined by VMPlayer itself. In addition, users can also determine the number of processor cores to be used.

When running the virtual operating system for the first time, a message will appear to download VMWare Tools. Although the operating system can be run without VMWare Tools, it is recommended to use it because it can overcome various problems such as limited mouse movements, unable to copy data from the operating system that is hosted to the virtual system, low video resolution etc.

Finally, in the Preferences section, VMWare Player can be set so that it does not check for updates every time the software is run, gives access to the virtual system to use the printer installed in the host, and actions that must be taken when a USB device is detected. Besides that, by default the virtual system will be suspended when the process is stopped so that whatever you are currently working on can be forwarded directly.

Latest VMWare Player Downloads

VMWare Player reliability in terms of system virtualization has been recognized by many users . Making the virtual system is quite easy because the user is guided step by step in the process.

VMWare Player features are limited but enough for personal needs such as trying a particular operating system, to try software that is suspected of containing viruses, for tutorials, etc. other. If you want more features, then you can consider buying the paid version. Download the latest and free VMWare Player via the link below:


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