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Download the Latest Ultrasurf 2019 (Free Download)

Ultrasurf is able to make you feel as if you were in another location while browsing the web. Actually you are located in Indonesia, but after activating Ultrasurf, every website you visit will think you are from another country. This is possible because Ultrasurf hid your IP address and replaced it with another IP address .

From the beginning Ultrasurf was developed by some Chinese activists in an effort to protest the internet censorship policy imposed by the country's government. As time went on, more and more users from other countries took part in using Ultrasurf until finally the number of users swelled to more than 11 million people in 2011.

Ultrasurf Features and Benefits

 Download the Latest Ultrasurf

Latest Ultrasurf Display

] The Ultrasurf display takes the form of a small window that contains a number of main menus. While the loading speed itself is like opening Wordpad even though it is run on a computer with low specs. The combination of simplicity of display and loading speed makes Ultrasurf seem very practical.

Ultrasurf does not need to be installed so that it can be directly run. Automatically the Ultrasurf connection will be activated as soon as the main window appears, so there is nothing else to do. After that you can directly browse with a different IP address. To check whether your IP address has really changed, you can visit sites like ipleak.net that are often used to check IP and DNS leaks.

Just like other software in general, Ultrasurf also has a set of options that can be activated and deactivated. according to the conditions and situations of each user. Some of these options include:

  • Hide Windows to hide the Ultrasurf main window with a hotkey.
  • Start Chrome automatically to run Google Chrome automatically when Ultrasurf is launched. If the browser opens before Ultrasurf is activated, a new tab will appear that loads the ultrasurfing.com site.
  • Enable Hotkeys to activate and deactivate hotkeys.
  • Delete history automatically upon exiting to delete history Search automatically when Ultrasurf is closed. In addition, the option to delete cookies is also available.
  • There are three servers to choose from to get the best connection speed.

Download the Latest Ultrasurf

When closed, Ultrasurf displays a dialog box that provides two options, namely to close the browser or keep the browser running. If you want to close your browser every time Ultrasurf is closed without having to go through the dialog box, you can activate the option Close browsers immediately upon exiting .

Ultrasurf is also free and unlimited. You can use it all day to browse various websites that normally can't be opened because it's blocked. The thing to remember, do not use Ultrasurf to open a bank account. Because this software does not have features such as Automatic Kill-Switch that is owned by Cyberghost VPN. Ultrasurf is more suitable for handling internet sensors. Download the latest and free Ultrasurf via the link below:


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