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Download the Latest UC Browser 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest UC Browser Developer: UCWeb Inc.
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 42MB

Download UC Browser – UC Browser is one of the many Chromium-based browsers. In June 2019, according to data from StatCounter, UC Browser ranked fourth in Indonesia for the desktop market. Just like other popular browsers, besides carrying fairly standard features, UC Browser also comes with its own uniqueness.

One of its uniqueness is the Night Mode feature which functions to adjust the brightness of the browser screen. The settings are done via the slider button that is shifted right and left. The more left, the browser screen will be dimmer. With this feature, you no longer need to press the button again on the monitor to adjust the screen brightness.

UC Browser Featured Features

 Download the Latest UC Browser

Display the Latest UC Browser

1. Mouse Gesture

There are more than 10 gestures with around 21 actions that you can change through the Settings page in UC Browser. Here you can change only the action for each gesture. In other words, you cannot make your own gesture.

2. Super Drag

In addition to mouse gesture, this is one of the features that should be present in every browser because its existence greatly helps increase productivity. This feature allows each link to be opened just by drag and drop with the right mouse button.

If the image is dragged, then the image will open in a new tab. If the one that is dragged is a link that leads to a web page, then that page will open.

3. Bosskey

For those of you who don't want to be caught opening a browser to get rid of boredom, use the Bosskey so you can hide the browser with the shortcut key. Once the shortcut key is pressed, the browser window will close immediately and will not be visible on the taskbar.

4. Max Downloads

By default, no matter how many files there will be downloaded simultaneously. With this feature you can limit the number of files downloaded. Let's say you want to download five files, and you limit only one file to be downloaded at a time. When the download process starts, the first file will be downloaded, while the other four files will be entered into the queue.

Download the Latest UC Browser

Every time you want to download a file, a dialog box will appear. There you can see the size of the file you want to download, change the storage location, open the file directly, and see the remaining hard disk space. Interestingly, if you install IDM but haven't installed the extension in UC Browser, in the dialog box there is also an option to download files with IDM.

What you also have to check is the download panel for UC Browser. Automatically every download that has been completed will be categorized based on the type of file in the panel. These categories include videos, software, zipped files, music, documents, torrents, and others. Download the latest and free UC Browser via the link below:


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