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Download the Latest Total Video Converter 2019 (Free Download)

 Download Total Video Converter Developer: EffectMatrix
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 15MB

By using Total Video Converters, videos and audio can be converted to other formats in just a few easy steps. It starts by entering the video, selecting a format, and ending by pressing the Convert Now button. From start to finish it only takes three steps to get the video in the desired format.

Ease is thanks to the appearance which is divided into two modes, namely Easy and Advanced. By default, the active mode is Easy Mode, where some features are hidden so that beginners don't get confused when using it. Of course, these features can be displayed anytime easily when needed.

Features of Total Video Converter

 Download Total Video Converter

Display Total Video Converter

Total Video Converter gives freedom to its users to choose the format based on the device the multimedia it has. So if you want to play videos on the iPhone but don't know what format the device supports, you can immediately choose the iPhone Video option when you want to convert.

Of course you can also choose formats based on their names such as mp4, avi, mov, mkv , ts, mpeg, flv or wmv. As for the audio, you can choose aac, ac3, wav, ogg, wma, mp3, mp2, amr, au, flac, mmf and m4a formats.

There are also options for extracting images sequentially from a video. The extracted image can be set to have the exact same or different resolution of the video. How many pictures are taken can also be determined manually. As for the format, there is only one image format that is supported, namely JPEG.

After the video has been converted, you can run Total Video Player to watch the video. The first time you run it you will be asked to set the file association. There is also an option to determine whether the video player is running in Single Instance or Multiple Instance mode. If indeed you intend to play several videos at once, then what needs to be activated is the Multiple Instance option.

You can also merge videos but the process is done in a separate window. For users who use a mouse, videos can be added by dragging and dropping files. While those who use the touchpad, it will be easier to add videos by using the Add button that has been provided. After that the video sequence can be arranged as desired.

Download Total Video Converter

Total Video Converter includes multi-functional software. In addition to the video player and features for combining videos mentioned above, you can also try other features such as the ability to edit videos, record desktop and game screens, extract audio from video, download videos, burn videos to DVD, and create slideshows

Overall, the main advantage of Total Video Converter is its conversion speed. In an experiment, it only takes about 15 minutes to convert a video that is 1 hour long. Download the latest and free Total Video Converter via the link below:


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