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Download the Latest TortoiseSVN 2019 (Free Download)

TortoiseSVN is software used to control operating systems. Usually the one who often uses this software is Windows. This software display in the form of Subversion, so that the display is easier to understand. This software can be used free of charge, you only need to install it. This software can be used to control all files such as opening or editing them.

The working system of this software is quite simple and is commonly used in daily life such as checking or canceling actions on files. You can use this software to be able to access as a team. Where a team consists of several people and everyone can make changes to the file. Later all data that underwent automatic changes will be integrated with itself.

This allows other team members to know the changes made. This software is used to facilitate changes to information quickly without causing problems. But the file cannot be accessed simultaneously. Changes must be made alternately, but when accessed again the data has changed according to the last changes made.

Usability and Features of TortoiseSVN

 Download the Latest TortoiseSVN

Display of the Latest TortoiseSVN

then you should know some of the features contained in it. All features are easily accessed by software. You only need to adjust your needs with suitable features. The following will explain some of the features found in this software.

1. Icon Layers

You can view file details and check the status of actions that have been performed. In the file there is a small icon. You only need to point the pointer to the icon and you will see the file details.

2. Easy Access to Subversion Commands

This software will form a Subversion. Where the submenu will automatically form by itself. This makes it easier for users to access it.

3. Shell Integration

This software can do full integration on operating systems such as Windows. For example in Windows there is an explorer where you can still control without having to switch to other software. You can open and search for the required files.

4. Directory Version Creation

You can easily search. If you have found it you can find out the location of the file easily. You can move or duplicate the desired file.

Download the Latest TortoiseSVN

This software displays all the activities carried out to remind what has been changed in a file. You can see it in the comments section. Double-click on the file to see the details.

This is the complete definition of TortoiseSVN software. By knowing more clearly, you can use this software to its full potential. This software is open source so it is safe to use. By using this software you can compile a more complete and orderly collection of files. Download the latest and free TortoiseSVN via the link below:


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