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Download the Latest Torch Browser 2019 (Free Download)

Torch Browser is a free browser software offering various interesting features. With features that are capable enough to offer a variety of downloads and a variety of default media. This browser is made with Chromium technology, and provides advantages for fast browsing.

With Torch, you will have the experience of sharing sites that you have with other users. Or you can also download quickly and with quality with this browser. All you need is a Torch browser that will make it easy for you to go around the world. Torch has the following advantages:

Features and Benefits of Torch Browser

 Download Latest Torch Browser

Latest Torch Browser Display

Download Streaming Video and Audio in One Click

This browser allows to save audio or video that makes it easy for users to save easily without having to use external programs again and automatically save.

Download Torrent Directly From Your Browser

Torch will allow you to use the default torch which speeds up downloading your file. You will be very easy and fast to use the browser.

Attractive Design

Don't worry about the appearance of the design. Torch is a software with a very good design. If you use the Torch browser there are several templates provided and of course according to what you desire.

Music Player

Torch displays a music portal that is certainly of interest to you. You can also control your music playing so that you are more comfortable to listen while doing various other activities.

Game Torch

Besides that torch also provides torch games that you can play. This exciting game is very easy and can be played by users. Do you use a PC or laptop? Take it easy, because both of these media will be fully supported by Torch.

Doing Drag and Drop

You certainly can't imagine how easy it is to find drag and drop in the browser contained in the Torch. Just drag and drop links as you wish without the hassle of the process where drag and drop.

Share Easily

You can easily share links via torch so anyone will be greatly helped when you want to share info on social media.

With the Torch you can easily explore what you want and there are many more powerful and qualified features. You can also use a more powerful Torch with very good speed.

Download the Latest Torch Browser

In addition, support from support system and the facilities provided are even more so that it is easier to entertain you and make it easier in running the browser.

Torch browser makes you a smart user and is also active in using the browser or surfing easily in cyberspace. By using the Torch browser there will be a lot of information obtained and can certainly satisfy you because of the different features of other browsers. Download the latest and free Torch Browser via the link below:


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