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Download the Latest TinyWall 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest TinyWall Developer: TinyWall
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 2MB

TinyWall is a useful software to control the firewall and includes sophisticated software because it can be built into a modern Windows system. You could say TinyWall is a special software because TinyWall does not interfere because of the Top Up so it is convenient to use unless it is supposed to set the firewall . TinyWall can also block trojans, prevent malicious software and others so that users feel comfortable using it.

TinyWall has indeed developed its products long ago. The latest is TinyWall also available version 2.1.10 and this version is considered the most up to date because users are advised to upgrade to a higher version so that the computer is more compatible. There are several features that are carried by TiniWall, including the following.

Features and Benefits of TinyWall

 Download the Latest TinyWall

The Latest TinyWall Display

Complicated Operation

TinyWall guarantees its users to work while protecting the New TinyWall ” width=”599″ height=”333″/>

so users will feel comfortable without configuration interruptions. So that no complicated configuration is needed to use it.

Light Capacity

TinyWall uses a sophisticated Firewall that can be operated on the latest Windows version. TinyWall is a lightweight software for all operating systems.

More than just a controller

The advantage of this software is that it can increase security and can control damaged protection or blocked lists and can also add new features to Windows.

Safe Operation

No need to install additional drivers or other components so as to make the system used more stable


The firewall mode used has many features and TinyWall is very easy to use for anyone. [19659013] No Cost

This software is 100% free, there are no advertisements and no restrictions on use and can be said to be open source. blocking hundreds of trojans, viruses or worms. Another advantage is TinyWall can prevent malicious software and does not require you to set the port, protocol and software details.

TinyWall itself is a software that is lightweight and easy to use. For additional features, TinyWall itself has automatic learning with firewall intrusion protection. You also don't need to worry because TinyWall has a password lock setting.

Download the Latest TinyWall

Evidence of all of that is TinyWall is able to hold up to the latest version and prove that TinyWall can continue to move in the development of software that latest

Surely the development of these features will be very beneficial for those of you who are looking for software that is easy and inexpensive. TinyWall with maximum file protection and allows communication within the LAN is also one of the advantages of using TinyWall. Even more important is clean, free software without ads. Download the latest and free TinyWall via the link below:


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