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Download the Latest SPlayer 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest SPlayer Developer: SPlayer
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 8MB

Windows Media Player and Movies & TV only supports a number of video formats. Rather than hunting for codecs to overcome these problems, the most practical solution is to replace them with SPlayer.

SPlayer is available in two versions, namely the latest version of SPlayer which is also called SPlayer 2019 and SPlayer Legacy which is an earlier version. SPlayer 2019 brings a number of new features but many old features are also omitted.

Features and Benefits of SPlayer

 Download the Latest SPlayer

New SPlayer Display

SPlayer 2019 does not have border (Download outline) so it's like a borderless photo. When viewing a video, only the video is visible, so it's like a video playing in full screen mode. In stark contrast to SPlayer Legacy which still displays title bar when showing videos in Window mode.

In showing videos, SPlayer Legacy has more options ranging from Standard, Stretch, Full Screen, Quality, Performance and Remove Black Bar. Standard options to display videos as they are, Stretch to spread the video sideways, Quality to prioritize quality, Performance to display videos on low-end computers, and Remove Black Bar to eliminate the black border on video.

SPlayer Legacy can do several things automatically after the video finishes playing. The computer can be turned off, can log off, standby, or enter sleep mode. This feature is no longer in SPlayer 2019, but instead, the version can be used to browse and watch videos online originating from YouTube, Twitch, TED, Lynda and many others. You can also add other sites manually.

Also changing is the subtitle feature. SPlayer Legacy searches for subtitles that match the movie you are watching, then downloads and displays the subtitles. The problem is, not all films have downloadable subtitles. This feature was then updated in SPlayer 2019. In addition to searching and downloading subtitles automatically, SPlayer 2019 also comes with a Speech Recognition feature that can convert audio to text.

Both versions of SPlayer support drag and drop. Both of them will also automatically add all videos that have the same name to the playlist. For example, Smallville S01E02, Smallville S01E03, and so on. However, the playlist display in SPlayer 2019 is displayed in thumbnail form and seems more modern.

Download the Latest SPlayer

Other factors that you need to enter into consideration in choosing the version you will use are memory consumption and loading speed. The appearance of the SPlayer 2019 interface is far more tempting, but more memory-hungry.

When it was just launched it could reach more than 100 MB. When displaying videos, memory consumption can surge up to more than 210MB. SPlayer 2019 loading speed is also slower than SPlayer Legacy on low-end computers. Download the latest and free X via the link below:


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