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Download the Latest SpiderOak 2019 (Free Download)

Every user who has important data should do regular backups. Besides storing files on Google Drive or Dropbox, another popular alternative is the cloud storage service provided by SpiderOak.

SpiderOak provides backup, synchronization and file sharing solutions in one package. To manage files stored in SpiderOak, each user can download SpiderOak One.

Features and Benefits of SpiderOak

 Download the Latest SpiderOak

Display of the Latest SpiderOak

The steps to create a SpiderOak account can be done directly through the main window SpiderOak One. At this stage you have to fill in a form that asks for information in the form of a name, email, password, and password hint.

Password Hint functions to anticipate the problem of forgetting passwords. How it works is to provide instructions that can help you remember passwords. In this case you are the one who made the instructions. For example, for example the password you use is "PowerOfHabit", then the password hint may be "favorite book".

There are five main menus in SpiderOak One, namely Dashboard, Backup, Manage, Sync and Share. The following is a description of each of these menus.


The Dashboard menu contains all of SpiderOak One's activities. Information about when the upload was last done, what files were uploaded, the total size of all files stored in SpiderOak, the frequency of backups and scheduling, all of these can be reviewed in the Dashboard menu.


Inside the menu Backup, you can choose the folders and files you want to upload manually to SpiderOak. If you select a folder, all files (including those in subfolders) will be uploaded except for files whose check marks have been removed. Meanwhile, to search for files, search can be done by browsing the contents of each folder or by using the search feature.


This menu contains all the files stored in your SpiderOak account. These files can be downloaded whenever you need them. You can also delete files that you no longer need.


The fourth menu is the Sync menu where all folders that have been synchronized can be reviewed and managed. If there are other folders that you want to synchronize, you can add them in this menu. To remember, only folders can be added. You cannot synchronize files individually.

Download the Latest SpiderOak

Files can be shared with anyone, including others who do not use SpiderOak. There are two ways to share files. The first is to send a custom URL that has a validity period of 3 days. After 3 days have passed, the URL will become invalid. The second is to create as many ShareRoom as you need. This feature is intended to share all the files in a folder.

Specifically for backup and synchronization, both are set automatically through the Schedule feature. What you may need to set further is the frequency of backups and synchronization, for example every 5 minutes or every 1 hour. After that, let SpiderOak One be in the system tray to do its job. Download the latest and free SpiderOak via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]

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