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Download the Latest Songr 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Songr Developer: Xamasoft
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 1.5MB

Songr is a multimedia software who is able to search for songs online. Every song that is found can be directly played or downloaded to be stored on local storage media such as hard disk or flash disk.

Songr file size depends on the version you choose. For those of you who want to install it, the installer size is only about 1 MB. But if you plan to store it on a USB drive and run it directly from the device, there is a portable version with file sizes under 7 MB.

Features and Benefits Songr

 Download the Latest Songr

Display Latest Songr

As Song search software, Songr search results are taken from several sources at once such as BeeMp3, Hypster, Audiodump and Soso. Some of them that are not mentioned here are no longer accessible, but this should not be a problem because only from BeeMP3 you can actually search for many songs.

To search for songs, you can search for them by using the name of the song, album , name of singer or band. Remarkably, Songr is also able to search for songs based on lyrics. After that the search results are not displayed just like that, but rather sorted and sorted according to the quality of each song. The songs with the best quality are placed in the top position.

After the search results are displayed, you can right-click on each song and choose one of the available options, namely play, preview, and download. The song URL can also be copied if you need it. If you only want to listen to a song, you can simply double-click on the song you want, and the song will immediately be loaded and is played by AIMP Winamp or other audio players already installed on your computer. [19659012] Songr is also able to download videos from YouTube in case the song you are looking for cannot be found or the search results are not very satisfying. You only need to enter the video URL in the column provided, then choose whether the video will be downloaded in mpeg or mp3 format. After that the Save As dialog box will appear where you can specify a folder to store the downloads.

Download the Latest Songr

To make it easier for laptop users who naturally tend to use a keyboard and touchpad instead of a mouse, Songr also supports hotkeys to run several features such as F3 to search for songs using lyrics, F9 to display lyrics, F8 to open Songr settings window, and Ctrl + J to display download panel.

If you really like listening to music and always want to enjoy new songs, Songr needs you add as one of the mandatory software for your hobby. Songr is free and supports the operating systems Windows 7, 8, Vista and Windows XP. Although it's free, Songr isn't loaded with advertisements like a number of other freeware. Download the latest and free Songr via the link below:


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