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Download the Latest Seafile 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Seafile Developer: Seafile Ltd.
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 57MB

You could say now this is the era of storage using Cloud Storage. Some data storage services that use cloud systems include Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and so on.

However, it must be acknowledged that the cloud service is a third party so that data privacy issues are still a bit doubtful. In addition, the capacity of data that can be stored is also still very limited. Actually, you can also make your own cloud storage so that your data privacy is more secure.

Now there are many types of software that can be used to make your own cloud, one of which is Seafile software. Maybe there are still many who do not know, what is Seafile? and how to use it?

Features and Use of Seafile

 Download the Latest Seafile

Seafile is an open source software that functions to store files on a central server that will be synchronized with PCs, laptops, smartphones and other devices . That way, the stored file can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Actually, when viewed from the working system Seafile is almost similar to dropbox and Google Drive. The difference is that this is an open source software so that users can host their own servers, so that the privacy of data or files stored is better maintained. There are 2 types provided by Seafile namely you can choose the cloud via seacloud.cc or can also arrange your own hosting. As for the service consisting of open source and business.

Seafile uses Python technology and has been integrated with WebDAV and LDAP services. You could say this software is a private cloud storage user friendly so that even new users can easily understand its features. Seafile Software has various types of features such as file editor, multi-platfor file synchronization, and many more.

How to Use Seafile

1. Please download and install Seafile first. Then create an account, enter the server name, email or username, password, and computer name.

2. After creating an account, you can directly log in to it.

3. You will see the user interface, then access my library there will see all types of servers that you have. Additionally, you can create a new library by making a click on the add new library button at the top.

4. After that, you can share with libraries of other Seacloud platform users. Not only that, you can also create groups and share libraries within the group. So, you build your own community to share files or data with each other, so that nobody outside knows about the privacy of your files.

4. To create a group, all you have to do is click the new group at the top and create a name for your group then press the send button.

Download the Latest Seafile

Seafile software is very supportive for PCs or laptops that use the Windows operating system. In addition, Seafile also supports Mac OS X, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Android operating systems.

For those of you who need storage services that can maintain privacy properly, Seafile software is the right choice. Download the latest and free Seafile via the link below:


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