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Download the Latest QWinFF 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest QWinFF Developer: QWinFF
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 22MB

Only because of a video file can be watched properly on a PC or laptop, not necessarily the video can also be played on mobile devices such as smartphones. If the problem is like this usually the video needs to be converted first to a format that is compatible with the smartphone you are using.

QWinFF is one of the many options for converting videos. This free software is distributed with a GPLv3 license and is made with Qt using the C ++ language. As for video decoding and encoding, QWinFF uses ffmpeg.

Features and Benefits of QWinFF

 Download the Latest QWinFF

Latest QWinFF Display

Its appearance is only a small window that allows you to drag video files from File Explorer into QWinFF. Actually it will be even easier if QWinFF also has an always on top feature, but unfortunately there isn't. In this case you have to use freeware such as PinWin, Deskpin, WindowsTop or TurboTop if you want that feature.

Another small window will appear after you insert the file to convert. In this Add Task window you can add other files to do batch conversion, but files can only be added by pressing the plus button and through the Select Files dialog box.

There are two conversion methods in batch conversion. All videos can be converted to one format or each video can be converted to another format that is different. For example, you can convert two videos to MP4 format, while the rest are converted to AVI or WEBM format.

Almost every video and audio format you choose in QWinFF is already equipped with presets. For MP3 format available presets Very Good Quality, Good Quality, Fair Quality, Mono and Blackberry Music. Whereas for WEBM available presets WebM Auto, Google WebM Generic Fullscreen and Widescreen, and Google WebM for Android.

Video can also be cut but there is no real-time preview feature so it is difficult to know at what minute you should cut. There are only previews after you select cropped video section . This preview uses the default QWinFF video player which is displayed separately.

The absence of real-time preview can indeed be tricked by using the help of an external video player when cutting video but it still feels uncomfortable. That's why if you really want to cut video, you should do it with Avidemux.

Download the Latest QWinFF

Regarding how fast the video conversion and cutting, both depend on the hardware capabilities you use and the size of each video file. Meanwhile, to save the results, you can choose to create a new subfolder or save it in another location.

For very large files which will certainly take up a lot of time even though you want to go to sleep, there is an option to have your laptop or PC automatically shutdown, suspend or hibernate after all files have been converted. Download the latest and free QWinFF via the link below:


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