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Download the Latest QupZilla 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest QupZilla Developer: QupZilla
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 75MB

QupZilla is an open source browser based on QtWebKit which uses DuckDuckGo as its search engine. This browser is getting considerable attention from users who are still not satisfied with what is offered by the mainstream browser.

The purpose of making QupZilla is actually only for educational purposes, but on the way it turned out that many users who gave a positive response to eventually become a browser that is used by default in a Linux distribution . Besides Linux, QupZilla is also made to run on Windows.

Features and Benefits of QupZilla

 Download the Latest QupZilla

Latest QupZilla Display

Special Extensions

QupZilla has included several extensions that can be directly activated to add features existing features. These extensions include Image Finder to search for similar images, Greasemonkey to install userscript, Autoscroll for automatic scrolling, Mouse Gestures to run several commands with mouse movements, PIM to store personal data, Tab Manager to manage tabs, etc.

Horizontal and Vertical Tabs

The tab features include the common features possessed by every modern browser. In QupZilla, all tabs are displayed below the title bar. The shape extends from left to right. When there are too many tabs open, some tabs are hidden to make room for other tabs.

If you have a monitor whose screen is wide enough, you can take advantage of the large screen space by activating the Vertical Tabs extension to move tabs to the sidebar . After that the tabs under the title bar can be removed.

Speed ​​Dial

Speed ​​dial is usually used to store sites that are visited almost daily, but can also be used to store important site addresses that are rarely visited in order to not forget the site.

In QupZilla, the size of the speed dial can be changed. The maximum number of speed dial that can be added in one line is 10 speed dial with the background in the form of wallpaper . You can use the wallpaper provided or install your own image as wallpaper.

Session Manager

Suppose you are opening a collection of sites in several tabs, then suddenly you remember that work is still unfinished. With this feature, you can save all of these sites and then close all tabs to complete the work.

At other times, all of the sites can be reopened simultaneously with the exact conditions as before. For example, sites that were previously open in the second tab will open again in the same tab position.

Download the Latest QupZilla

Users who are looking for alternative browsers usually expect to find a faster browser or a browser whose loading process does not require resource too big. In this case QupZilla is not so disappointing. At least QupZilla is faster than commonly used browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome.

The biggest drawback may be that the number of extensions is much smaller, but overall the features it provides are sufficient for daily internet browsing. day. Download the latest and free QupZilla via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]

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