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Download the Latest ProtonVPN 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest ProtonVPN Developer: ProtonVPN
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 12MB

In general, the purpose is to use VPN is for privacy and security, but in fact not all VPN providers can be trusted. Not a few of the VPN providers that record the browsing activity of its users and then sell the data to various companies. Usually this practice is carried out by free VPN service providers, but there are also commercial VPNs that do the same practice. Except ProtonVPN.

ProtonVPN is one of the most trusted VPN products by the privacy observers community. There is no 100% guarantee, but at least ProtonVPN is better in terms of privacy than its rivals who both offer free VPN.

ProtonVPN Features

 Download the Latest ProtonVPN

One free version is available, ProtonVPN Free and three versions premium namely Basic, Plus and Visionary. For the Free version, the drawback is lower speed, only provides three countries, and cannot be used to watch Netflix. You must use ProtonVPN Plus or Visionary to enjoy Netflix shows. As for other features, there is almost no difference between all versions provided.

ProtonVPN's hard work in protecting users is seen from the use of AES-256 encryption technology and from how the encryption is implemented. That is, each session is always encrypted using a different key . For example, key encryption used when you browse in the morning will be different from encryption key when you browse the internet at night.

ProtonVPN AG, as a company that develops ProtonVPN , also has a policy of not storing logs that contain user activity on the internet. In addition, the company is headquartered in Switzerland which has very strict federal laws to protect privacy. In that country, personal data may not be leaked by anyone to anyone as long as they do not get permission from the authorities.

Other protection features offered by ProtonVPN Free are Kill Switch and Always On. When your connection to the VPN server is lost, Kill Switch immediately blocks all your internet access, while Always On functions to reconnect the connection that was disconnected automatically.

Download the Latest ProtonVPN

VPN connections can also be limited. For example, Google Chrome uses a VPN connection, while other browsers use a connection without VPN. There are two options for limiting VPN usage. The first, option Excludes apps from using VPN tunnel applies VPN globally except for certain software and IPs. Secondly, the choice Only included apps will go through VPN tunnel applies VPN only to the software and IP you choose.

Regarding bandwidth, there is no limit even if you use ProtonVPN Free. Then, regarding speed, can go up and down depending on a number of factors, for example the distance between the server and your location. Server load also affects. To fix this, open the main ProtonVPN window, then look at the percentage load for the server being used. If it's too high, you can move to another server. Download the latest and free ProtonVPN via the link below:


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