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Download the Latest PrimoPDF 2019 (Free Download)

 Latest PrimoPDF Download Developer: Nitro PDF Inc
OS: [19459900] Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 2.6MB

Download PrimoPDF – PrimoPDF is a software specifically designed to convert certain file formats to PDF. Once changed, the file can be opened at any time using PDF reader software such as Adobe Reader or Sumatra PDF Reader.

PrimoPDF requires the .NET Framework to be used in Windows. Once installed, PrimoPDF will be part of the printer. After that, every time you want to save a document as a PDF, you only need to select the Print menu and choose PrimoPDF from the list of available printers.

After selecting PrimoPDF as a printer, a few moments later the PrimoPDF main window will appear where the user can choose one of the four types of PDF quality provided.

 Download the Latest PrimoPDF

Screen Quality offers the smallest file size with quality which is of course the lowest, eBooks provide better quality but PDF images are still compressed, while Print is provided for users who want to print PDF, and Prepress is the right choice to get the best PDF quality.

In addition, there is also a Custom option that allows users to set PDF quality as desired. Each PDF document can be added with information in the form of title, author, subject and keyword. This information can be inserted in PDF through the Document Properties menu.

PDF Protection with PrimoPDF

In addition, PDF can also be protected with a password. There are two ways to do it. The first is to lock the PDF file completely so that it can only be opened with the right password. Secondly, users only lock certain functions so that PDFs can be opened but cannot be edited, cannot be printed and the text and images cannot be retrieved. These settings for PDF security features can be saved so that they are automatically applied every time a user wants to create a PDF.

In the Options menu there are several other options such as rotating PDF pages automatically, determining PDF resolution, selecting software that will be used to open PDF after the format conversion process is complete, and determine the actions that must be taken by PrimoPDF if it finds a PDF file that has the same name when trying to save the conversion results.

Another feature that can be found is the option to determine what steps PrimoPDF must be taken after the PDF is created. The default option is to open the PDF file, besides that the user can also choose to send PDF files via email. The last is the Do Nothing option so that PrimoPDF does nothing.

Latest PrimoPDF download

The most interesting feature is the ability of PrimoPDF to change file formats to PDF by drag and drop. In this case the user only needs to drag and drop each file into the PrimoPDF icon that can be found on the desktop.

In closing, PrimoPDF is free software which is actually a promotional media for Nitro PDF. However, all of its features can be used without a trap in the form of a premium feature that displays messages for upgrades when clicked. The number of features is small, but the drag and drop feature that it has is very helpful for processing multiple files at once.


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