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Download the Latest Pokki 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Pokki Developer: Pokki
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 2MB

Start menu is the part that is can hardly be released from the Windows operating system. It is said almost because the start menu has been replaced with a start screen in Windows 8, which invited protests from many users and was reviewed on a large scale by various leading online media. That's when Pokki emerged as a savior who then encouraged Lenovo to also include Pokki in PC and Laptop products.

Pokki is an alternative to the Windows start menu. Not only for Windows 8, but also for Windows XP, Windows 7, to Windows 10. The response time when clicked is relatively faster than the default Windows 10 start menu and it makes almost no difference when compared to Classic Shell.

Features and Benefits of Pokki

 Download the Latest Pokki

Display the Latest Pokki

The installation time of the Pokki is quite long because in the process you have to download the files needed first. But after everything is finished, you will get an alternative start menu that is cooler, more functional, and more hurried. Indeed there are only two themes included, but even that is quite interesting. Those of you who are currently using Classic Shell might be tempted to replace it with Pokki.

All the software you have installed is displayed in Pokki in the All Programs section. Each software name is separated by a line with a slightly different color so that it looks more presentable and elegant. All tools in the Control Panel are also displayed and sorted in the same way, which is based on the alphabet.

At the very top there is a My Favorites menu which contains all the software of your choice. Each software is displayed in the form of a medium sized icon, which is then accompanied by the name of the software at the bottom of the icon.

Pokki also added a search feature but it is located at the top right, in contrast to the start menu which places it at the very bottom. Even so, functionally there is no difference at all. Once you open the Pokki, the focus of the mouse cursor will immediately move to the search box so you can immediately search.

Download the Latest Pokki

The search feature in Pokki can be used to find the software you want to use. Search results also include web-based software from the Pokki Store. If you search for Yahoo, the Yahoo Mail software will appear ready to install. After being installed, Yahoo Mail will appear in Pokki along with a collection of other favorite software.

The number of software in the Pokki Store is quite a lot and is grouped into five categories such as Essential Apps, Games, Entertainment, Social and Productivity. From there you can install SoundCloud, Groupon, Twitter, VLC, Vevo, Netflix, OneDrive, Open Office, PDF Creator, Line, and a host of other software. Download the latest and free Pokki via the link below:


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