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Download the Latest PicPick 2019 (Free Download)

 Latest PicPick download Developer: NGWIN
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 15MB

Download PicPick – If you only want to take screenshots of the screen, you don't need to pay anything because there are many free software that can do it. One of them is PicPick.

With this software, taking screenshots will be much easier. Even inside there are certain features that allow you to do screen capture without the hassle of saving the results because everything is set automatically.

PicPick is free software that is able to take screenshots, edit screenshots, and then save them to local or online storage. Screenshot can also be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Skype, or sent directly to anyone via email.

PicPick Key Features

 Latest PicPick download

Latest PicPick Views

1. Screen capture

PicPick provides several ways to do screen capture. You can take a screenshot of the screen thoroughly or only certain parts of the screen, repeat the previous capture, determine the delay time before capture, include the mouse cursor in the screenshot, etc.

2. Image editing

All editing is done through an image editor. Editing features include fairly complete. You can annotate screenshots, add watermarks, blur or sharpen images, frame, add sequential or random numbers, and add text.

Screenshot can also be sent directly to other software via PicPick, for example to Adobe Photoshop, PhotoFiltre or Photoscape for further editing.

3. Screenshot storage

Besides being saved manually, screenshots can also be saved automatically in the desired image format. For that you need to activate the Auto Save feature, then select the storage folder, set the file name, and choose the image format. Some of the supported image formats include png, jpg, bmp, and gif. After all settings are complete, you can take and save screenshots by simply pressing one hotkey.

PicPick is also able to upload screenshots to several online storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. If you are reluctant to log in and just want to share the screenshot as quickly as possible, as an alternative you can upload it to Imgur via PicPick. After the upload is complete, you will get the image URL that you can share with anyone.

Download the Latest PicPick

Also important is the hotkey. Each capture method in PicPick has its own hotkey that can be changed by the user. Each hotkey can be changed one by one or changed by selecting one of the set hotkeys that have been provided such as Hypersnap or Faststone Capture.

From taking up to saving screenshots, the convenience for convenience is offered by PicPick. Software that supports dual monitors can be used directly and works well even if the user does not change the settings in the slightest. Provided the existing hotkey does not clash with the hotkey used by other software, everything will run smoothly. Download the latest and free PicPick via the link below:


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