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Download the Latest PhotoFiltre 2019 (Free Download)

Not all photo editing requires heavy software such as Adobe Photoshop. To fix red-eye, rotate multiple photos at once, add frames, or add shadow effects, light software like PhotoFiltre is more than enough.

PhotoFiltre is available in three versions. PhotoFiltre Studio X is the most complete version but the license is not free. As for the free version, PhotoFiltre 7 is available which supports layers and PhotoFiltre 6 which is the simplest and without the ability to create layers for editing photos.

PhotoFiltre Features

 Download the Latest PhotoFiltre

Latest PhotoFiltre Views

A photo processing software should have a tool for selecting. In this case PhotoFiltre provides a number of standard selection tools such as Rectangle to make selection in the shape of a box, Ellipse for selection in a circle, Polygon for selection of fields arranged in a series of straight lines, and Lasso for making selections with free patterns.

can be replaced with another form without having to repeat the selection. If you initially made a box selection but then changed your mind and want to change it to a circle, you don't need to cancel the box selection then select Ellipse from the tool panel and then repeat the selection from the beginning. To change the selection shape, just right-click and choose the Set Shape option, then select the desired selection shape.

After an area is selected, the area can be cropped, copied and then pasted on another photo, enhanced with certain effects such as the sepia effect , deleted, blurred or closed in solid color. Selection can also be reversed with the Invert Selection so that the area that was not selected to be selected. This Invert Selection can be used for purposes such as changing the background of a photo to transparent.

If the photo to be replaced has a high contrast, the selection will be much easier by using Magic Wand. With this tool, the process of changing the background to transparent can be done in just two simple steps. Namely, selecting the background with Magic Wand, then selecting the Inside Selection option in the Image menu.

Download the Latest PhotoFiltre

PhotoFiltre is also capable of processing multiple photos simultaneously. Changing image formats, correcting contrast that is too low, increasing light intensity and changing the size of the canvas are some things that can be done en masse with the batch feature provided.

Not all image formats are supported by PhotoFiltre 7 and 6, some of which are photo- RAW photos produced by the camera. The RAW format is only supported by PhotoFiltre Studio X which licenses are priced at 29 euros, or about 468 thousand rupiah for 1 computer. On the other hand, all popular image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP and PSD are supported by all versions of PhotoFiltre.

[PhotoFiltre Studio X] [PhotoFiltre 7]

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