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Download the Latest PDFCreator 2019 (Free Downloaad)

 Download the Latest PDFCreator Developer: pdfforge GmbH
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: -MB

PDFCreator can change almost every document becomes a PDF. Files with extensions such as docx, xlsx, rtf and txt can be handled well by this software developed by pdfforge GmbH. You can even use it to combine several documents into one PDF even though each document has a different format.

PDFCreator also includes several options so that the conversion and storage process can run more easily and quickly. The availability of these options saves you time, especially when you want to process multiple files at once. You only need to spend a little time to choose which options need to be activated.

Features and Benefits of PDFCreator

 Download the Latest PDFCreator

Display Latest PDFCreator

There are four methods to convert documents to PDF or image. That is, through the right-click menu in File Explorer, by dragging and dropping files to the main PDFCreator window, through the Print menu, and by using the command line through the Run or CMD dialog box. A dialog box will appear every time a file is processed. Then you can choose a profile, specify a file name and storage location. You will also be given the option to send documents by email and the option to merge files.

The dialog box will always appear for each file, including when you want to convert several files simultaneously. As a result, the dialog box will appear many times. To overcome this, you can activate the auto save option.

This option will process all files to complete without displaying a dialog box. The auto save feature is also supported by profiles. This profile allows you to save different settings to produce PDF documents that suit your needs.

In PDFCreator there are already several profiles ready to use if you still haven't had time to create your own. Examples such as the High Compression profile to reduce the size of the PDF file as small as possible and the High Quality profile so that the quality of the resulting PDF remains good.

Each of these profiles can be used as a template to facilitate the creation of a custom profile. Thus you only need to make a few changes to create the profile you need. For example, to create a profile that will convert documents to PNG images, you can choose an JPEG profile that is already available, change its format and then save the changes as a new profile.

Download the Latest PDFCreator

PDFCreator is able to do what cannot be done by Windows 10 default PDF printer. With this open source software, you can adjust how a document is converted, and can also save the settings as a separate profile.

These profiles can then be used to move from one setting to another. instantly. If you are interested, PDFCreator can also be run on Windows 7, 8 and Vista in addition to Windows 10. Download the latest and free PDFCreator via the link below:


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