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Download the Latest Paint.NET 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Paint.NET Developer: dotPDN LLC
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 9MB

Not all photos can be directly shown to the public as is. Maybe there are photos that are less than optimal lighting, there are certain parts that need to be cut, or other deficiencies that make the photo needs to go through the editing process first. In this case Paint.NET includes reliable software to make photos look much better than the originals.

Paint.NET is different from Microsoft Paint. In essence, Paint.NET is superior. This can be seen from its support for filters, layers, plugins, and also other interesting default features such as unlimited history and multi tabs. Remarkably, with that many features Paint.NET still feels light.

Features and Benefits of Paint.NET

 Download the Latest Paint.NET

Display of the Latest Paint.NET

1. Multi Tab

Users can open multiple images at once to be edited in separate tabs. The tab display is unique because it differs from the normal tab model which only displays text.

Each tab in Paint.NET is a thumbnail that is large enough to see what the thumbnail displays. That way it will not happen again with the wrong name click the tab many times when you want to edit photos or other images.

2. Unlimited History

Every step taken by the user in editing an image is recorded and stored in history like a browser that stores browsing activity. By relying on this history, users can undo one or several actions at a time.

3. Save All

This feature is specifically for users who edit multiple photos at once in one session. Instead of saving individual edits, everything can be saved simultaneously by simply selecting Save All via the File menu or pressing the Ctrl + Alt + S key combination. To remember, this storage feature will overwrite existing files.

4. Plugins

There is support for plugins that are accompanied by an active Paint.net community which allows users to use a variety of amazing additional features. Examples such as the Content Aware Fill plugin that works to delete certain objects in the photo and replace them with color details or objects that are around it.

5. Layer

For editing photos that are slightly complex, the existence of layers allows parts of a photo to be edited separately. Thus, anything done on a layer will not affect the other layers.

Download the Latest Paint.NET

Magic Wand Tool can also be found on Paint.NET to select certain areas based on color and tone. Likewise with Move Selected Pixels which functions to move the selected pixel area to another location on the photo.

Users who frequently edit photos may already be familiar with the terms above so that they can directly use Paint.NET easily. As for beginners, there are dozens of tutorials available on the official page to learn how to use each of the Paint.NET features gradually. Download the latest and free Paint.NET via the link below:


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