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Download the Latest ORPALIS PDF Reducer 2019 (Free Download)

 Download ORPALIS PDF Reducer Developer: ORPALIS
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 30MB

Download ORPALIS PDF Reducer – If you have a PDF document whose file size is too large and wants to compress it, there are many online services that can do it. But if you need a desktop-based solution, you can try to use ORPALIS PDF Reducer.

The advantage of using software is that you can more freely compile as many PDFs as possible, unlike online services which generally apply restrictions such as maximum file size or number of files that can be processed at one time. [19659009] ORPALIS PDF Reducer Features

 Download ORPALIS PDF Reducer

ORPALIS Display PDF Reducer

ORPALIS PDF Reducer allows you to compress one file or several files at the same time. Of course the more files there are, the longer the process will be. For this reason, if there are too many PDF files to compress, it would be better if the compression process was done in several sessions.

Basically what you need to do to compress files is by selecting files or folders, selecting a storage folder, and then starting compression . It will be even faster if you use the drag and drop method. Each file and folder that is inserted into ORPALIS PDF Reducer by drag and drop will be processed immediately without having to press any button on the main window.

If you do not intend to compress all files in a folder, only a few of them, You don't need to process them one by one. Select all the files then drag and drop to ORPALIS PDF Reducer. Adding files can also be done through the Open dialog box.

Before compressing PDF, there are several settings that you can change through the Options window. One of them is Process subfolders which must be removed if you don't want all the files in the subfolder to be processed when compressing. Next is the choice Only process PDF files . This option must be checked if there is an image file other than PDF in the folder. If not, then the image files will also be processed so that the compression time is longer than it should be.

To get even smaller file sizes, you can also remove some elements in PDF such as annotations, bookmarks and files- Embed file into PDF document. In addition, the quality of images in PDF can also be minimized by selecting the option Low on the menu Image quality .

Download ORPALIS PDF Reducer

ORPALIS PDF Reducer itself is software that functions the main is to reduce the size of PDF files. In addition, ORPALIS PDF Reducer can also be used to convert image files into PDF documents. ORPALIS PDF Reducer is able to compress PDF files in a relatively short time. After the compression is complete, a short report will appear showing the difference between the size of the original PDF file and the output.

From the results of the trial using an ebook containing 323 pages that mostly only contain text, it takes about 9 seconds to complete the compression process. . Download the latest and free ORPALIS PDF Reducer via the link below:


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