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Download the Latest Norton Antivirus 2019 (Free Download)

Norton Antivirus relies on signatures and heuristics to identify various malware with above average accuracy. This is one reason why the antivirus developed by Symantec is able to survive from 1991 until now.

Norton Antivirus is part of the Symantec product range. In the installation package, Norton Antivirus does not only contain antivirus. Some extra features are included. Examples such as Smart Firewall, Password Manager, and Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

Norton Antivirus Features

 Download the Latest Norton Antivirus

Display of the Latest Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus has an Auto Protect feature that starts working since you turned on computer. After that, the system will be continuously monitored. Every file you open is first checked, network traffic is monitored, and various gaps in each software will also be protected to prevent exploitations known as zero day exploits.

Every incoming and outgoing e-mail also will always be under surveillance. Since the first email has been very often used as a means to spread the virus . Various phishing attempts to steal identities are often found in e-mail messages. The most often reaped success is email messages that are made as if it came from certain parties such as banks, paypal, and other financial institutions.

Another important security feature of Norton Antivirus is the Smart Firewall. To carry out its functions, Smart Firewall disables some features of Windows Firewall. Furthermore Smart Firewall will protect all inactive ports from hacking attempts such as port scanning and monitoring inbound and outbound communications.

Next is the Password Manager. This feature not only stores all your passwords, but also makes it easy for you to log in and includes a password generator to create strong passwords. Each password is also accompanied by a rating. The weaker a password, the lower the rating. For some popular sites, Norton can change the password automatically. As for other sites, you can do this manually.

For those of you who visit the internet every day, Norton Scam Insight provides an additional layer of security to identify sites that have a bad reputation. This feature is intended to prevent you from downloading software from suspicious websites, providing sensitive information to websites that are indicated to be phishing, and avoiding sites that use drive-by download techniques to infect your computer.

Download the Latest Norton Antivirus

On Among the many features offered by Norton Antivirus, the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is a feature that should be mandatory to use. The reason is, with this feature you can make a bootable DVD or USB drive to deal with very severe malware problems. When your computer can't boot because of being infected with malware, this feature is able to save you. Download the latest and free Norton Antivirus via the link below:


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