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Download the Latest NextCloud 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest NextCloud Developer: NextCloud
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 120MB

NextCloud is an open source software for cloud storage. There are several providers on the official website that provide cloud storage services. Each of these providers offers free online storage with different capacities. The lowest storage capacity is 2 GB as provided by The Good Cloud, while the largest is 10 GB by CloudFiles.

When choosing, in addition to the storage capacity offered, you must also consider the facilities available at each provider. Examples such as Web Hosting . Free storage capacity is less than CloudFiles, which is 5 GB, but the most complete features ranging from calendar, email, notes, bookmarks to password manager.

If you are confused in making choices, you can register with more than one provider. Each service can be managed separately through the NextCloud main window.

Features and Advantages of NextCloud

 Download the Latest NextCloud

Latest NextCloud Display

Basically the way NextCloud works is the same as the work of Dropbox and Google Drive. The difference is that Dropbox software can only be used for Dropbox services and Google Drive is only for Google, while NextCloud can upload and synchronize files with several providers at once.

To use the services of multiple providers, you cannot register with all providers at once. You must register one by one in turn. Registration can be done through the main window NextCloud or through the official website NextCloud.

Every registration needs to be confirmed by email before using the related service. After that you have to create a new folder in File Explorer to hold all the folders and files that you want to synchronize. At this stage you can choose a folder to synchronize and manage synchronization. By default a message will appear asking for confirmation to synchronize folders larger than 500 MB.

In the NextCloud software, each provider is loaded in a separate panel. You can log in and log out each provider separately. On each panel there is also information about the total amount of capacity and the amount of capacity that has been used.

As for synchronization, the settings are more detailed. Synchronization can be stopped and continued for one folder, several folders, all folders, one account or all provider accounts simultaneously. Pause and resume synchronization is done via the NextCloud icon in the system tray.

Download the Latest NextCloud

Each file and folder can also be shared. To do this, you must open the NextCloud folder in File Explorer, right-click the subfolder or file you want to share, then set the permissions of the file before sharing it with your friends.

The file you want to share can be protected with a password, set to only valid until a certain date (expiration date), and protected so that it cannot be edited. All of these options are in the Share dialog box. Download the latest and free NextCloud via the link below:


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