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Download the Latest .NET Framework 4.8 2019 (Free Download)

The world of programming cannot only be learned by programmers. But you who do not have a programmer background can also learn this one science. Indeed, the world of programmers is interesting enough to be explored. Especially if you like activities for developing a software or creating a new program to use.

There are various kinds of software that can be developed. But one thing you should know is that only software based on open source can be redeveloped. To develop any software you must use the right platform and also easy to use. In order to make your program activities more enjoyable.

Features of the .NET Framework

 Download the Latest .NET Framework

Latest .NET Framework

Display. The NET Framework is a platform that can be used to develop open software source, cross platform, and also free to use. With the .NET Framework, you can do editors on languages ​​and also several build libraries that are owned by the web, desktop, mobile, loT, and also games. There are so many features of the .NET Framework that can be used, including:

A. The complete programming language

. NET Framework does not only provide one programming language, but this software has a lot of programming languages ​​and can be said to be very complete. Starting from C # which is a simple programming language, F # is a programming language that is open source, and also Visual Basic which became the programming language the simplest to use in developing a software.

B. Cross platform features

On the .NET Framework You can also cross platform using:

  1. . NET Core: Cross platform implementation of the .NET Framework that is useful on servers, websites, and also some console software on various operating systems .
  2. .NET Framework: Work as a supporter of the .NET Core features earlier.
  3. Xamarin / Mono: Runs implementation on all operating systems on the computer
  4. Has many hardware models

Download .NET Framework Latest

One platform that you can use to develop a piece of software is the .NET Framework. This software is made by Microsoft and has been used by many programmers. Even not only expert programmers who use the .NET Framework, but also some beginner programmers use the .NET Framework.

. NET Framework is not only available in one type of hardware, but this software can be used in various types of hardware. Starting from mobile devices, PCs, and laptops. Even this one software can cover several important sites on the internet such as websites, games, cloud or online storage, and also loT which is often used by many people. Download the latest and free .NET Framework via the link below:


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