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Download the Latest MyVideoConverter 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest MyVideoConverter Developer: MySoft Inc.
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 15MB

Change the video format not only intended to overcome compatibility issues. Some do it to get a smaller file size, some are just aiming to equate the format of a video with several other videos so that they can be managed more easily. Whatever the purpose, a video converter is needed to get the desired video format.

MyVideoConverter is a video converter developed for the Windows platform. Once run, you will see a very simple appearance. The right panel is where all the files that you want to convert are collected together, and the left panel contains the properties of each file. While the top is occupied by a collection of menus and buttons that provide several options and tools.

MyVideoConverter features

 Download the latest MyVideoConverter

Latest MyVideoConverter Display

MyVideoConverter supports the drag and drop method but unfortunately is not equipped with features to always display the front window. If you want to add several files at once from several folders, it will be easier to do so through a dialog box that can be accessed via the Add button.

Each video file added can be changed to mp4, flv, 3gp, asf, avi, mov, mpg, wmv, rmvb, vcd and svcd. It also can be converted into audio files such as mp3 and wav. You can also take pictures from the video to save them in jpg format.

For conversion between video formats, there are options such as rotating video, increasing brightness and contrast levels, lowering the volume or turning off the audio, and adding subtitles . Of course users can also change the frame rate, bit rate, video resolution and determine video quality. Furthermore, each converted file will end with "_mout" in its name.

As for DVD video, the settings are a little different because there are some additional options. If the video has more than one audio track or subtitle, you can choose one of them to be included in the conversion process. You are also free to determine whether the subtitles are included or not. Only then can you choose the video format and start the conversion process as usual.

On the other hand, the split feature allows videos to be cut into one or several video clips. The number of video clips produced can be determined based on the duration of each clip or on the number of clips desired. For example, for a 10 second video, if you choose to cut it every 1 second, you will get 10 video clips.

Download the Latest MyVideoConverter

You can also combine several videos even though each has different file properties. different. The merged video can be saved in the same format as the original or in a different format.

Whatever you do, whether it's cutting the video, changing its format, or combining all your favorite videos, its simple appearance makes it all easier to do . After all, MyVideoConverter also includes a CHM document format guide to help users use every feature it provides. Download the latest and free MyVideoConverter via the link below:


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