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Download the Latest MySQL 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest MySQL Developer: Oracle Corp.
OS: Windows
License: Open Source
Size: 415MB

Database is collection of data that is on a computer and has been arranged in such a way. Usually this database contains important data from a company or the work of employees. So every month there must be a moment where you are asked to manage the database of the company where you work especially if you work in the administration.

Where the purpose of compiling this computer database is to get important information in that database. The compilation of the computer database itself began to be used since there was technological developments at this time. Where compiling reports with a computer is arguably more effective when compared to compiling company reports manually without a computer.

Usefulness of MySQL

 Download the Latest MySQL

Display of the Latest MySQL

For a programmer or have studied IT although a little certain have heard of MySQL. Because in fact MySQL has become the software most often used by IT experts as friends for work. Then what are the MySQL functions? Check out the following explanation:

Database manager

Maybe you just found out that MySQL can be used to manage databases on a computer. Even this software provides speed on the computer database settings. Although its use is quite complicated for beginners but if you want to explore it then you can understand that MySQL is better than other database management software.

Website Developer

MySQL can also be used for you who are a website developer. Where this software will make the website development process easier. Website developers are also more helped by this MySQL because you can use the software to manage your website database.

Maintaining computer database security

You can not only use this MySQL to compile a computer database to stay organized but you also can use MySQL to maintain the security of your computer database. So that the computer database remains secure and cannot be accessed by anyone other than you. The security provided by MySQL is supported by the Subnetmask feature.

Database storage space

MySQL allows you to change, add, or delete computer databases. Where this software will provide a separate storage space for the database that you are working on. So you can work on a very large computer database in stages so that you can be more careful in compiling it.

Download the Latest MySQL

When compiling a database on a computer what software do you usually use? Is Ms. Access or similar software? If you want to more easily compile a computer database and have already learned about IT then you can use MySQL. Because this software can not only be used to create a program but can also be used to compile a computer database. Download the latest and free MySQL via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]


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