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Download the Latest Mylio 2019 (Free Download)

As a photo management software, the purpose of developing Mylio is to collect and organize all of your photos so that they are easy to find and can be accessed both offline and online.

The synchronization feature on Mylio is a feature that allows your photos to be always available regardless of what device you are using to access them. Photos that you put into Mylio through a laptop at home, you can access via cellphone while outside the house thanks to this synchronization feature.

Features and Benefits of Mylio

 Download the Latest Mylio

Latest Mylio Views [19659005] Even if your photos are stored in Google Photos, Flickr or Facebook, all of these photos can be added to Mylio easily. As for photos stored on a hard disk or other offline storage media, you can move photos manually or let Mylio scan the contents of the hard disk to find and collect all the photos it finds.

Mylio also oversees all your photo storage folders. Every time a new photo is added to one of these folders, the photo will also be displayed in Mylio automatically.

This simplicity is added to the face recognition feature to automatically recognize the faces of people in the photo. All detected faces have similarities grouped into separate albums. If there is a photo that escapes detection, you can manually group the photos.

In addition to making albums based on faces, you can also make other albums to group photos according to different criteria. For example, photographs that you took at a special and memorable event, photographs of buildings that were intended to be used as a reference for drawing manga, and student demo photos protesting government policy.

Other photo grouping methods are based at the time of taking photos and shooting locations. Both information is taken from the metadata in the photo. If there is a photo whose metadata is incomplete or empty, you can edit it to add the required information.

After the photo grouping is complete, then you can edit photos that you feel are less than ideal such as conditions that are too bright, not sharp, visible gloomy or excessive color saturation. In editing photos, you only need to move the slider to increase or decrease the exposure, contrast, highlights, clarity, shadows and many more.

Download the Latest Mylio

Edits that you have made can be saved as new presets. So, the next time you see another photo whose condition is similar to the photo you just edited, you can immediately select the preset to apply the same editing instantly. If it turns out that it's still not perfect, you can make the necessary adjustments, and then save it as another preset. Download the latest and free Mylio via the link below:


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