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Download the Latest mp3DirectCut 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the latest mp3 DirectCut Developer: Martin Pesch
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 300KB
Even though the name contains the word mp3 and cut, the ability of this software is actually more than just cutting an audio file with an mp3 extension. Another ability that also helps music lovers is the ability to increase the volume of songs that are too small.

The name of the software in question is mp3DirectCut. This software is often used to cut songs on a PC or laptop because the file size is small but the features are steady and the loading is fast.

Features and Advantages of mp3DirectCut

 Download the Latest mp3DirectCut

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1. Cut songs without reducing quality

This is one of the features of mp3DirectCut. Audio quality is guaranteed not to be reduced because in the process there is no re-encoding at all. The cut sound quality will remain the same as the original file.

You do not need to adjust anything to maintain audio quality because everything is set automatically. Just cut the song as usual and then wait for the process to finish.

2. Cut to save certain parts of a song

This feature is intended to retrieve certain parts of a song, for example. The part is to be saved as a new file, not to be deleted or removed from the song.

You can use the song's snippet for alarm, notification sound or other. How to do this is by marking the desired song, click the File menu, and then click the Save selection option to save it.

3. Simple Fade

Simple Fade is one of mp3DirectCut's cool features to add a fade in effect to songs. With this effect, the sound of the song will slow down at the beginning and then gradually increase in height until finally the sound becomes normal as it should be.

4. Increase the volume too low

Sometimes there are audio files that are so small in volume that you may be forced to turn up the speaker volume. mp3DirectCut provides the Normalize and Gain options that you can choose to resolve the issue.

5. Editing song tags

To make the song collection tidier when displayed in the music player software, you can use the ID3 tag editing feature to update file metadata information such as song titles, artists, albums and genres. This feature can be found in the Edit menu.

For users who are still beginners, if the need is only to cut the song it should not be so difficult because the entire set of processes can be completed in only four steps. Starting from adding the song you want to edit, marking the part to be deleted, pressing the cut button, then saving the result as a new file.

Download mp3DirectCut Newest

mp3DirectCut is free and its features are not limited to what has been mentioned above. There are many other good features. Examples such as Auto Crop to shorten the pause time (part of the song without sound) which is sometimes too long at the beginning and end of the song. Thus the transition between songs can be accelerated but the shift remains smooth with the help of fade in and fade out effects. Download the latest mp3DirectCut for free via the link below:


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