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Download the Latest MiniLyrics 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest MiniLyrics Developer: MiniLyrics
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 2MB

MiniLyrics is software that has features as the name suggests. So, this software will provide song lyrics that can be used for karaoke or if you just want to watch a video clip accompanied by the lyrics. Users can save lyrics according to their favorite songs when they have the software.

With various needs for entertainment and music in the digital age, many software users are looking for interesting features. For this reason, many eventually made their choice and downloaded MiniLyrics. Then, what are the interesting features of this software? Here are the reviews.

Usability of MiniLyrics

 Download the Latest MiniLyrics

Latest MiniLyrics Display

Can Follow a Song and Adjust the Lyrics

When did you last miss the song lyrics because the beat is too fast? Or have you ever seen the lyrics and subtitles that appear not together with the rhythm of the song? By downloading the MiniLyrics software, you will not feel that.

The reason is that MiniLyrics is equipped with the automatic synchronization feature between songs and saved lyrics. So, there will be no story you are chasing with the song lyrics left behind.

Free Trial

If you feel the need to try the MiniLyrics software, then congratulations! Because there is a free trial period or free during the trial period. So, you can get a variety of interesting features and can try karaoke using the lyrics stored in this software.

Light File Size

The weight of the file size often inhibits someone from doing activities. Especially if the software takes up space or place for entertainment. However, don't worry about the file size of this software. Because you only need 2 MB of memory to store MiniLyrics.

Support for Various Operating Systems

Operating systems that support MiniLyrics software are numerous. For example, Windows X. For those of you who already use Windows Vista and Windows 7, this software also supports it. In fact, if your PC or laptop is very sophisticated and supported by Windows 8 and Windows 10, this software is also very supportive.

Can be Used on All Types of PCs, iPods and iPhones

Software developed by Crintsoft is already downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users in Indonesia and more throughout the world. Why is that? Because of the ease of access and its features to be read on various types of PCs, laptops and other gadgets.

Download the Latest MiniLyrics

If you use an iPod and iPhone, this software can also be used. Meanwhile, if you use a laptop or PC, you can collaborate with Winamp. Of course, almost all laptops or PCs have Winamp so it's even easier for you to be able to access this entertainment easily.

Of the many advantages and interesting features of the MiniLyrics software, then of course you can use it for entertainment. Not only that, if there is a favorite song that can improve the mood at work, this one software will be very helpful. Download the latest and free X via the link below:


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